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DEMA Show 2024 FAQs

Find answers below to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about DEMA Show 2024.

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Registration & Credentials FAQs

Who can attend DEMA Show?

DEMA Show is an annual event exclusively for professionals in the diving, travel, and water sports industries. Review the credentials required for each badge type.

It is not open to consumers or the general public.

How much does it cost to attend?

DEMA Show offers multiple packages for attendees, allowing you to participate in the way that best suits your wants and needs. Review the different options here.

Is there an age minimum to attend?

Yes. Only those aged 16+ will be permitted entry into DEMA Show 2024, the exhibit hall, and any education sessions. Infants are not permitted entry and childcare is not provided.

Can I bring a guest?

DEMA Show 2024 is exclusive to qualified industry professionals. All participants must present valid credentials and obtain a badge to access the show. This event is not open to consumers or the general public, and guest passes are not provided.

How do I register for badges?

DEMA Show registration will open ~May 2024, at which point you may register for badges online. Phone registration will also be made available as needed. Credentials are required for all registrations and may be submitted during the registration process. Review these requirements here.

I registered. How will I receive my badge?

DEMA Show badges will be available for pickup at on-site check-in. You will be required to present a valid, government-issued ID to obtain your badge. Each person must come to check in to pick up their badge.

To save time at check-in and avoid long lines, have your Badge Pick Up Notice (sent via email) on hand.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

You may cancel your registration through the registration portal. At this time, DEMA Show does not provide refunds for cancellations.

How do I know if I am registered?

Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email sent to the email provided. If you do not receive a confirmation, first check your spam or junk mail folder, as emails may end up there.

If, after checking, you have still not received a confirmation email, go back to the main registration portal and select  "check status/update". This will generate a new confirmation email.

Alternatively, you may call DEMA Show Registration Customer Service at +1-855-326-4470 to confirm your registration and request a confirmation email.

How can I change or upgrade my registration?

To update your registration details, visit the registration portal and select "edit registration", then proceed to make the changes needed.

Alternatively, you may call DEMA Show Registration Customer Service at +1-224-563-3113 or +1-855-326-4470 (toll-free) to update your registration over the phone.

Can I attend DEMA Show even if I am not a member?

Yes! While you do not need to be a DEMA member to attend DEMA Show, we suggest joining to take advantage of the savings. DEMA members can save up to $140 off registration.* Learn more and join now to save!

*Savings vary by registration package

Can I register multiple people at the same time?

After selecting your registration package (during the online registration process) you will have the option to register multiple attendees. Follow the prompts and once you finished adding all attendees, select the continue button to proceed to the payment page and complete your session.

Each attendee will receive an email confirmation to the email you provided during registration.

Can I register over the phone?

Yes. If you experience difficulty while attempting to register online, contact DEMA Show Registration Customer Service at +1-224-563-3113 or +1-855-326-4470 (toll-free).

Hotel Room Block FAQs

When will the Hotel Room Block open?

The DEMA Show 2024 Hotel Room Block is open! Rooms are subject to availability and may sell out before the deadline - review the information and book now to lock in your DEMA Show 2024 rate!

Is there a deadline to book my hotel?

Yes. The room block closes on October 21, 2024, or when rooms fill up, whichever occurs first. 

Formula 1 FAQs

DEMA Town Hall On Demand

In response to much talk of DEMA Show 2024 and the upcoming Formula 1 race in Las Vegas this November, DEMA held two online "town hall" discussions on January 9th and January 11th. Over 220 DEMA Show Exhibitors and Attendees participated in the discussions.

Learn how DEMA is helping attendees and exhibitors navigate the 2024 Formula 1 race and pre-race activities taking place in Las Vegas, hear from industry stakeholders, and get answers to frequently asked questions at the links below

Watch the Town Hall   Access Presentation Slide Deck

Is there any overlap between DEMa Show 2024 and the Formula 1 race?

DEMA Show 2024 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada Tuesday, November 19th through Friday, November 22nd.

The 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place Thursday, November 21st through Saturday, November 23rd, with the actual race taking place on Saturday, November 23rd.

The two overlapping days are Thursday, November 21st , and Friday, November 22nd, and are for pre-race activities.

Will the be special hotel room rates available to exhibitors and attendees?

DEMA has contracted thousands of specially-priced room nights through our DEMA Show 2024 hotel block, many of which are priced between $129 and $149/night. These rooms will not be affected by the Formula 1 race.

The number of hotel rooms available in the DEMA Hotel Block, at the time of this writing, is ample to house ALL ATTENDEES AND EXHIBITORS who choose to stay in the block. In addition, DEMA has negotiated the option to take more rooms at the host hotel as needed and has also been contacted by additional Las Vegas hotels nearby, reaching out to offer us additional hotel room nights for the 2024 Show, at a base rate under $200.

When will the DEMA Show Hotel Block Open?

The DEMA Show 2024 Hotel Room Block is now open! As always, DEMA encourages all attendees and exhibitors to book within the DEMA Show hotel block. This is especially important in 2024, as rooms are expected to fill up faster than usual. Hotel rooms in the DEMA block will be available only until approximately 30 days before DEMA Show 2024. After that time, hotels will release any remaining rooms to the open market (including Formula 1 attendees).

Will large exhibitors be at DEMA Show 2024?

More than 96% of exhibitors who participated in DEMA Show 2023 have re-contracted for DEMA Show 2024, including large exhibitors. When contracting for exhibit space, all were aware of the fact that the Formula 1 race is scheduled to take place the weekend following DEMA Show 2024. This includes companies like Aqua Lung, NAUI, PADI, Sherwood, TUSA, and many others

What can I expect regarding travel and transportation?

DEMA advises participants to take advantage of the facilities found near the Fontainebleau, Resorts World, and other locations near the Las Vegas Convention Center.

DEMA is also working with ground transportation in Las Vegas to make getting around easier (monorail, Uber, Lyft, etc) and with airlines to help mitigate congestion.

We also recommend that those flying into Las Vegas book your flights early to maximize savings.

Is the Formula 1 Race located near DEMA Show 2024?

While the last two days of DEMA Show will overlap with pre-race activities connected to the Formula 1 event, the pre-race activities and actual Formula 1 race do not stage near the Las Vegas Convention Center or DEMA block hotels.

The map here shows the racetrack perimeter and DEMA Show sites, with approximately 1 mile or more in between the two areas.

What is the expected turn out for the Formula 1 Race?

The Formula 1 race is scheduled at a time when traditional Las Vegas tourism is at its lowest point.

While the 2024 Formula 1 race will be a popular event, hotels in Las Vegas have contacted DEMA because the Formula 1 event is not expected to be as successful as originally projected.

The City of Las Vegas has downgraded its forecasts for the Formula 1 event in 2024. This article, F1 learns it overestimated fan demand for Las Vegas, the most expensive race of the year, is one of many discussing the topic and describing F1 planner concerns.

What changes are expected regarding the 2024 Formula 1 Race?

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix was the first Formula 1 race in Las Vegas since 1982 and proved a challenge for the city and event planners alike. Valuable lessons were been learned, and there are aspects being improved upon for 2024:

  • Track paving is complete and will last for 4 – 6 years, reducing the traffic issues that occurred in 2023.
  • The temporary vehicular bridges used in 2023 will become permanent or be installed at a less disruptive time (not October), further reducing traffic issues in the city.
  • Navigating lane and road closures will be easier to plan around.
  • Hotel pricing, availability and general terms & conditions are more approachable for 2024 and beyond.
  • Restaurant reservations and buy-outs are now easier to obtain. 
  • General contractors are more informed on the items impacting load-in/load-out at the convention center so they can troubleshoot and plan effectively.

Did you consider moving DEMA Show to a different location or different dates?

Because the Las Vegas Convention Center and our contracted hotels are not close to the race and are not impacted by the Formula 1 event, making a contractual change to the Show location is not feasible. DEMA researched alternate dates but could not align the availability of show participants with the hotels and convention center. DEMA Show and other events staged in Las Vegas must book the Las Vegas Convention Center and the host hotel 3 to 5 years in advance, leaving no openings in the schedule for alternate facilities.

As there are only approximately 25 convention centers located in the U.S. with the capacity to hold DEMA Show, moving DEMA cannot relocate to a different city or center; those convention centers are likewise booked 3 to 5 years in advance. Further, most of those convention facilities are located in large cities such as Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, where labor costs, hotel rates, and other items are cost-prohibitive for our industry.

These high costs and limited availability are the reasons DEMA typically contracts in Las Vegas, Orlando, and New Orleans; DEMA follows very explicit specifications for cost and logistics to keep the expenses lower for exhibitors and attendees in these major convention cities. We adhere to those specifications to make the show financially feasible for our audience and the association.

What has been the experience of other show organizers during Formula 1?

DEMA interviewed other convention organizers who staged large shows in Las Vegas during the 2023 Formula 1 race. Informa, a leading international events, digital services and academic knowledge group representing hundreds of brands with more than 11,000 employees in 30 countries, provided advice and comments on their experiences with their shows and Formula 1 Las Vegas:

  • Airfare increases did not play out. Even with the race, airline tickets purchased at the last minute were well below what was originally predicted. Airline pricing is based on demand, and the Formula 1 is scheduled during the slowest tourist/travel week in Las Vegas.
  • Show participants should not wait until the last minute to book flights as this is when business travelers reserve seats and airline pricing is the highest.
  • Book your restaurant reservations or buyouts by August to avoid issues.
  • Informa had greater penetration in their show hotel blocks than normal as they had better pricing than was available at other hotels (similar to DEMA Show).
  • Like DEMA Show, Informa worked with their hotel blocks each week to increase the room block as needed and had few/no hotel issues for exhibitors and attendees.
  • Show participants will likely have some difficulty getting to the Las Vegas strip by car. Road closures will be well known in 2024 so should be less troublesome than in 2023. Lyft and Uber will likely be more difficult to hail than normal. The monorail was available in 2023 and will be in 2024.
  • There were few issues with the airport in 2023 – Formula 1 attendees were coming in as Informa participants were leaving (as will be the case with DEMA Show 2024).
  • The Fontainebleau and Resorts World are great options for restaurants, bars, and other types of entertainment off the strip.
  • Informa will return to Las Vegas with shows in 2024 at the same time as the Formula 1 event.

We believe the Formula 1 event will not create an adverse experience for DEMA Show exhibitors and attendees in 2024, and those interested in both can partiicpate in DEMA Show, followed by the race.

The 2023 race in Las Vegas was not as well-attended as originally anticipated, which led to hotel rates dropping across the city, ticket prices being greatly reduced, and more last-minute changes. While this was unfortunate for the city’s event planners and the local economy, it suggests that those attending DEMA Show 2024 will have fewer concerns regarding overlapping dates with pre-race activities. DEMA will continue to provide information via email and social media throughout 2024 to keep everyone informed.


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