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Drive More Sales!

Elevate your presence at DEMA Show 2024 and drive sales by offering exclusive show specials to a diverse audience of industry professionals. With irresistible deals and promotions, you'll stand out from the competition, attract attention, and get more traffic to your booth!

Promote DEMA Show Specials

To enhance the DEMA Show experience for both attendees and exhibitors, DEMA Show provides complimentary promotion of your special show offerings.

Exhibitors offering DEMA Show specials should complete the form located in your exhibitor portal.

Why Offer DEMA Show Specials?

Boost Visibility

Stand out from the crowd and attract the buyers who are looking for the products you are offering.

Drive Sales

Entice customers with exclusive discounts and promotions, encouraging on-the-spot purchases.

Generate Leads

Capture the attention of attendees and amplify engagement with your brand and your booth.

Create Buzz

Generate buzz, spark conversations, and draw attention from everyone at DEMA Show!

Tips for Promoting Your DEMA Show Specials

DEMA Show highlights exhibitor show specials to attendees, and we encourage exhibitors to develop additional promotional strategies to amplify the excitement and bring more buyers to your booth.

Craft Your Offer

Create compelling show specials that provide genuine value to attendees. Whether it's discounts on products, bundled packages, or exclusive giveaways, make sure your offer is enticing and irresistible.

Promote Your Specials

Spread the word about your show specials through your marketing channels leading up to DEMA Show 2024. Submit the information through our DEMA Show Exhibitor Show Specials form (located behind your exhibitor login) and we'll promote it for you! Be sure to utilize your own social media, email, and website to build increased anticipation and drive traffic to your booth.

Display Prominently

Make sure your show specials are prominently displayed at your booth to catch the eye of passing attendees. Use signage, banners, and visual displays to showcase your offers and encourage engagement.

Engage Attendees

Train booth staff to effectively communicate your show specials and engage attendees in meaningful conversations. Encourage interaction and provide personalized recommendations based on attendees' interests and needs.

Follow Up

Remember to follow up with leads and prospects after DEMA Show 2024. Continue the conversation, nurture relationships, and capitalize on the momentum generated by your show specials.


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