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Submersible Systems / Spare Air

Huntington Beach,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 807

Welcome to Spare Air - The Original Mini Scuba


"I never thought it would happen to me...but on the night I ran out of air, it nearly cost me my life"

shares Larry Williamson, Inventor of Spare Air

Submersible Systems is the manufacturer of Spare Air, the Original Mini Breathing Device for divers. Spare Air is the obvious choice in an emergency - it's easier than buddy breathing and more importantly, an independent backup air supply.  Spare Air is proudly Made in the USA. Celebrating 40 years of Saving Lives!  Spare Air is the Divers Reserve Parachute!

Visit to:

Dealer & Distributor inquiries welcome -


  • Spare Air 300PK
    Spare Air is the original mini scuba system developed over 40 years ago!...

  • Package includes 3 cu.ft. Spare Air cylinder, Holster, Refill Adapter and Leash.

  • Spare Air Xtreme 6
    NEW - Xtreme 6 is a complete mini dive & snorkel system!...

  • Introducing the NEW Spare Air Xtreme 6! An ultra small mini scuba kit - only 5 pounds! Comes fully assembled, just put on your waist and jump in the water in seconds. No longer limited to the surface and quick underwater swims, now you can take occasional deeper dives to explore the shallows, with less equipment than a full diving set-up.

  • EasyDive Kit
    The EasyDive Kit is a complete minimalist dive & snorkel system.

  • A15 pound - 30 minute complete snorkel & mini dive kit ready for you to take on your next underwater adventure!  Designed for boaters and anyone who loves the water but doesn't want the hassle of bulky & expensive gear. Comes fully assembled so all you do is put on the vest and jump in the water!

  • Spare Air Xtreme
    Spare Air Xtreme Dual Sport...

  • Spare Air Xtreme Dual Sport is ideal for any water extreme sport including Kayaking, SCUBA Diving, Surfing and River Rafting.

    Over the years, kayakers, surfers and other water-sportsmen have been using the Spare Air as a rescue safety device. Their only complaint - they needed a small breathing device that was "hands-free." The Xtreme sport solves this by reducing the size of the air tank and mounting the unit in a chest pocket on a neoprene vest. Now your next breath is only inches away. 

  • HEED 3
    Helicopter Emergency Egress Device...

  • A compact, lightweight and reliable self contained breathing apparatus, the HEED 3 is designed to increase the survivability of military and commercial personnel in short-term out-of-air emergencies. HEED is the preferred choice for aircraft use due to its small size and ease of mounting on a flight vest. Holster has straps that easily attach to MOLLE type vests. 

  Additional Info

Brand Name 1
Spare Air
Brand Name 2
Spare Air Xtreme 6

Booth: 807