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| November 1- 4 2022 | Orlando, FL

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DEMA Show brings great value to the industry by providing an unmatched opportunity for participants to network with other industry professionals, as well as to see many industry offerings all in one place, in a cost-effective way. With the established safety protocols, DEMA Show will once again provide this opportunity for the industry and will stage as scheduled.

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SlipIns Diveskins

Newport Beach,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 2120

SlipIns DiveSkins, Sun Protective Swimwear & New Sea Leggs


SlipIns DiveSkins came in to being as a result of a need to making getting in and out of a wetsuit much easier.  With the full body suit, thumb holes and foot stirrups, slipping in and out of a wetsuit is a breeze.  But we didn't stop there.  We make the most beautiful, colorful, confortable, body contouring dive suits and swimsuits for a woman's body.  We make our own exclusive prints and all our fabrics have 60+UPF sun protection when not wearing your wetsuit, such as between dives or when having the pleasure of being in that warm water dive destination.  Keep your body protected from the sun and other 'stinging critters' under water.  They will put a smile on your face, as well as the faces of those around you, and even on those fish!!

We also have SlipIns one piece, long sleeve, a one piece, swimsuits with the same 60+UPF sun protection in our exclusive prints.  Perfect for that next resort destination.

We Want To Be What You Want To Wear In Or Out Of The Water


  • Whale Shark DiveSkin
    A replica pattern of the real Whale Shark on a dive skin designed to help the wearer enter and exit a wetsuit with ease or, dawn a dive rig over the skin in warm waters. These skins are total stinger and abrasion protection....

  • SlipIns DiveSkins are the worlds finest Sun, Stinger, and Abrasion protection found anywhere.  They are 60+ UPF sun protection and they make getting into and our of a heavy wetsuit an easy affair whether the suit is wet or dry.  You can dive, swim, paddle or take part in almost any water activity with greater enjoyment.  SlipIns DiveSkins are proudly made in the USA.

Booth: 2120