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Westminster,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 1715

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  • Lefeet S1


  •  LEFEET S1 is a hi-tech water scooter which provides power propulsion to underwater divers. LEFEET S1 is easier to carry and use due to its compact and lightweight design, with 3 speed-settings to meet your needs. The modular design provides for diversification of use and a safer overall experience for you.

    Compact Size
    Ultra light / Easy to assemble / Easy to carry-on
    Wireless Control
    Liberate the inherent form and pair multiple units for more fun
    Modular Design
    Achieve diversified playing way with various accessories
    Multiple Speed Settings
    3 Speeds mode for increased underwater freedom
    Comply Airline Policies
    Battery comply with air policy, making you travel with no worry
    Compact Size

    LEFEET S1 is very small in size relative to other underwater propulsion systems, and weighs only 5.07lb (including battery).

    Fits easily into luggage, take it with you to every dive resort around the world.

    Multiple Speed Settings
    Switch Between High, Medium, Low mode anywhere and anytime for increased underwater freedom.

    2-in-1 Underwater Scooter
    Double the power, Double the fun

    With LEFEET‘s modular design, you can 
    easily attach two scooters together to double the power and double the fun. 
    Attaching two scooters together allows experienced divers to fly through the waters at 2.3m/s or over 5 MPH

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Booth: 1715