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Aerotecnica Coltri SpA

Rivoltells de Desenzano D,  Garda (BS) 
  • Booth: 1239

Welcome to Coltri! "The Italian Compressor."


Having a commitment to Italian quality has not only allowed us to expand our product offerings in breathing air compressors, but also in supplying technical gas by applying the exact same superiority.

For more than fifty years now, this constant evolution in design and manufacturing has become central to our identity, allowing us to create compressors that represent all facets of the industry globally.

Additionally, our research and development team has allowed us to go from being users of technology, to leading the world in modern machinery. We use the most prevalent equipment like robots and

digitally controlled tools, to produce the most efficient, reliable and long-lasting compressors.

Every component of our compressors shown in the price list are designed and assembled at the Coltri factory using the latest in the field of science and technology with machinery like ZEISS.   ZEISS

equipment allows us to reveal the slightest tolerances of the components and predict how they will perform assembled.

This kind of detail is a constant reminder why Coltri continues to grow around the world earning international recognition, rewarding our dedication and commitment.

  Additional Info

Brand Name 1
Coltri Portable Line
 Icon / Compact / Silent / Eolo
Brand Name 2
Coltri Efficient Line
 Smart / Mark III Silent / Super Silent Evo / Ergo
Brand Name 3
Coltri Prime Line
 Ergo TPS / Mark III TPS / Super Silent TPS
Brand Name 4
Coltri Heavy Duty Line
 Silent / Open
Brand Name 5
Coltri Fill Containment Cabinet Line
 Armor 2 / Armor 4

Booth: 1239