CAMARO Erich Roiser GmbH

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CAMARO stands for qualitiy and innovation "made in AUSTRIA"

CAMARO stands for quality & innovation "MADE IN AUSTRIA". More than 40 years of Know-How and experience at our Mondsee production site- it has been a long way from the "rubber suit" to the Hi-Tech neoprene wetsuit of today which meets and satisfies the very special needs and requirements of each and every kind of watersports and their athetes. Back then we did pioneer work, today we set trends.

TITANIUM- exclusively by CAMARO
The basis for our water sports equipment is the material. 4 years ago we developed the Titanium Open Cell neoprene and we revolutionized the market. The excellent feedback we got from our clients has proven us right and so we decided to integrate SCS Titanium extensively into our program.
These are the advantages:
-100% elastic
-easy getting in/out
-Just Shake it & it´s dry
-no zip
-no stitching
-no pressure marks