Basaksehir,  Istanbul 
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FREE - SUB welcomes you to our booth.

Free-Sub is a Turkish brand that manufactures its Wetsuits and spearguns in Turkey.

Free-Sub spearguns and Wetsuits are prefered and chosen in many countries throughout the world. 

Our manufacturing area is within our plant and that gives us to control the high quality and variety of our products.With our neoprene cutting and laminating machines , we are able to answer all kind of thickness request 2mm to 9mm and any camo colors .

Spearguns , Wetsuits , Scuba suits, surf suits, shorty suits, kids diving suits, speacial diving suits especially designed for ındustrial divers, rafting suits,diving and rafting boots , weights and belts,  are in our production range.

We can design our products according to your specific needs and mark them with your desired logos or brand names.

If you want to create your own brand , we are the correct address .


Learn more about FREE-SUB at

Whatsapp Number 0090 530 068 03 19


Brands: FREE-SUB


  • HUNTER SUIT Green Trap Camo
    100% CR Neoprene Opencell inside, Lycra outside Trouser and jacket with hood Anatomic cut All pieces glued and seamed 1.5 mm / 3 mm / 5 mm / 7 mm / 9 mm...

  • The FREE-SUB HUNTER SUIT GREEN TRAP camouflage pattern, with its divided design and dark green and black color scheme, provides great disguise advantages in the majority of underwater environments.

    Different camo colors is possible upon request .


    100% Chloropren Rubber with its density, perfect insulation and high stretching factor, equips FREE-SUB HUNTER SUIT with extra durability under pressure, additional insulation and comfort compared to other rubber foam of same thickness.

    Lycra super stretch jersey 

    Lycra super stretch jersey fabric used in the making of FREE-SUB HUNTER SUIT provides great elastic stretch in every direction and holds minimum amount of water with its silky texture. 

    Chest Pad

    The new rubber chest pad is reinforced with neoprene, and with its flexibility and pieced assortment provides gun-cocking comfort. The pad is heat processed and then sown on the suit.

    Elbows and knees

    They are protected with a new rubber pad, and with its flexibility and pieced assortment provides comfort. Pads are heat processed on the jersey.


    Available in:

    1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm  and  9mm thicknesses  

    XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL sizes