YKK (USA) Inc.

Marietta,  GA 
United States
  • Booth: 4094

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YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. is a global leader in the fastening products industry.  We manufacture zippers, hook and loop self-closing tape fastening systems, plastic hardware, and snaps and buttons for a variety of applications including the marine and diving equipment, tactical gear, and personal protective gear industries.  YKK's Airtight / Watertight zipper is designed to keep you and your gear dry!

YKK is always looking for the great opportunities to expand our product capability.

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  • AquaSeal®
    Made in the U.S.A., the VFWB AquaSeal® zipper is a new addition to the YKK® brand of Water and Air tight, Water proof zippers. It is flexible and nearly half the weight of metal zippers....

  • The YKK® brand VFWB AquaSeal® watertight/airtight can be used in any applications demanding water or air tightness, from surface suits and dry bags to industrial containment applications requiring protection from chemicals, liquids and other substances.  This zipper helps keep you and your gear dry by incorporating YKK’s plastic tooth VISLON® technology with a polyurethane tape to form a seal between the zipper elements. 

    YKK is always looking for the great opportunities to expand our product capability!

  • AquaGuard® Vislon®
    AquaGuard® Vislon® zipper allows for use within a wide variety of applications in the high-function industry where added protection from rain and the environment is necessary....

  • A laminated, polyurethane zipper tape together with unique patented zipper elements creates an enhanced water repellent closure.  Choose from hundreds of tape and element colors, and mix and match colors to add style and options to your marine gear.  Available as an additional option, the Positive Lock Bridge top stop is an added feature of the AquaGuard® Vislon® zipper.  This special feature provides added assurance by closing the gap between the slider and zipper top stop.  An audible snapping sound lets you know that the zipper is completely closed.

  • LB-PL UL Certified Heavy Duty Buckle
    Made in the U.S.A., YKK® brand UL certified heavy duty side release buckle...

  • LB-PL, Berry Compliant unique buckle, meets UL Type V (inflatable & Inherently Buoyant Types) PFD requirements with a smaller length for a better fit to PFD applications.  It comes with size 1”.  We are confident when you choose a buckle for high-strength conditions, the LB-PL will be the perfect fit!      

  • SNAD®
    Originally created for the marine industry, YKK® brand, SNAD® snap fastener is designed to keep all of your marine accessories securely attached to your marine gear....

  • SNAD® snap fasteners have a unique dome shape, and they come in either an automotive grade of plastic or a flexible based silicone.  They also contain a pad of acrylic conformable foam adhesive or their underside that enables them to stick to most high energy surfaces without having to drill a hole.  Installation is a Snap!  No tools, power or special skills are needed!  The plastic snap fasteners and the flexible base silicone adhesive snap fasteners can be used together.