Yazbeck Wetsuits

Redondo Beach,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 2209

YAZBECK, maker of the world's first & only dry camo wetsuit


YAZBECK is the first brand in the world to build wetsuits from the bottom up. We do not just slap our label on generic stuff. We buy nothing that is already knit, dyed, processed, cut or laminated. Instead, we select our own yarns, knit our own fabrics, design our on camouflage and have them dye-sublimated on our Impermeaflex®. We then laminate the neoprene we sliced ourselves at our high tech facility in the South of China, where Roger Yazbeck spends more than half of his time supervising this whole procedure.

In 1998 Roger coined the term “World’s First and Only Dry/Wetsuit” It was true then & even truer now. Some say he reinvented the wetsuit, but his only goal & passion was to market & sell only the best wetsuits, made using Yamamoto 100% CR Neoprene exclusively.



YAZBECK uses nothing but Yamamoto 100% CR polychloroprene, a limestone-based polymer with  99.7% calcium carbonate concentration. It's the world's first and only! 

The Yazbeck brand mission is to continue to bring you the best wetsuit on the planet. Our promise to you can really be summed up in two words: NO COMPROMISE. Our passion in just one: DEDICATED!