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United States
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VideoRay ROVs - The Global Leader in MicroROV Technology

VideoRay, the global leader in Inspection Class ROV technology has more than 3,000 Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) deployed around the world. Extremely portable and cost effective, VideoRay ROVs are ideal for wreck surveys, search & recovery missions, quick deploy/emergency observations, dive site scouting, marine life observation, and other underwater applications.

Proven on the USS Arizona, the RMS Lusitania, historic archeological sites, and US Coast Guard wreck investigations, the VideoRay is an ideal tool for wreck surveys and searches. The VideoRay can scout sites down to 1,000 ft without wasting valuable bottom time while identifying potential hazards, visibility, and current conditions. Attach sonar to the VideoRay for target location, then send the ROV in for a closer look or inside tight openings in the wreck - all while leaving the site undisturbed. Get to the wreck faster by following the high visibility yellow tether to the site.