UltraLight Control Systems

Camarillo,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 7198

Ultralight welcomes you to DEMA 2016 Image Resource Center

We manufacture the lightest weight trays & arms for all underwater camera housings, including video. Our arms were the first with an o-ring in the ball, allowing you to put your strobe where you want it & keep it their easily, while preventing metal to metal contact. More photographers use our arms than any other brand. We have adapters for all lights, strobes, cameras & housings. We were the inventor of the Nikonos & RS pivots and continue to make pivots for most point and shoot housings. The Ultralight arms may look like just another set of adjustable arms on the market; but close inspection will prove otherwise. The spherical ball concept has been on the market for some time; but Ultralight arms have been totally re-engineered to incorporate the maximum clamping action possible. The inclusion of an O-ring greatly increases the friction forces at the joint, therefore, keeping the arms where you put them. We have manufactured a T-Stick, an eco stick with handle for stabilizing yourself in sand.  It allows you to put a ball on it to attach your action camera to it for use as a monopod.

Brands: Don't be fooled by the copycat brands out there that looks just like ours, they are NOT ours, only copies. Ours are Made in the USA. We are celebrating 21 years in business.


  • T-Stick
    New twist on an older product. This stick has a handle on it allowing you easier control of where you place the stick to help stabilize yourself while photographing. A ball can be attached to it to mount your action camera, making it a monopod....

  • Our new T-Stick is more ecologically friendly than most sticks as it has a handle giving you a better grip on it to help you stabilize when you want to get that close in shot, a different angle shot or stay steady to allow the critter to get used to your presence.  Even with great buoyancy you might need that little extra stabilization to help you protect the reef while getting that wonderful photo.

    The handle can accomodate one of our balls allowing you to add your action camera to it, making it a great monopod for steady video or stills.

  • AC-CSF-28
    New clamp with 1/4-28 thread, a finer thread allowing for more precise tightening of the clamp on the ball ends...

  • Has a finer thread than other clamps.  When the need arises for a super tight clamp this clamp will give you that clamping force.
  • Laser engraved parts
    In the very near future you can have your name engraved onto your Ultralight parts. Ask us at DEMA booth # 7198 in the Image Resource Center...

  • Would you like to have your name on your Ultralight parts?  This service will be available in the near future.  We can also add part names to most of them.