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SWES - Sea Water Energy System Clean Energy Out Of The Blue!

Sea Water Energy System *SWES Technology* 

The SWES® technology is the result of long-term research.

With this new technology, electricity can be obtained from salt water with the unique patented energy cell manufactured by SWES® Technology. Unlike other galvanic-based systems, the SWES® technology has developed direct, clean and environmentally friendly power generation. The certified SWES® energy cells contain only naturally occurring materials found in our surrounding environment. The reaction which occurs between the SWES® energy cells and salt water during the production of electricity has no environmental impact on our Seas and Oceans.  

In our product series there is no need for additional batteries and other charging devices. Therefore no extra energy costs are incurred, it is an environmentally friendly Clean Energy production.

Our main target groups are private and professional users within Diving and Marine industry who will appreciate the technology and added value with our products during leisure time or at work.  

The first product from our SWES® Technology series is the "SDL 600” the world’s first self-powered underwater light!


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  • SDL-600 Underwater Light
    SDL-600 is the World's first self-powered underwater light by SWES Technology No Charge, No battery, No Maintenance Just put it in seawater & watch it work! The SDL-600 Dive Light is able to operate the moment it comes in contact with the sea. ...

  • Specially designed, unique, patented energy cell, manufactured by SWES Technology.
    The SDL-600 Dive Light is able to operate the moment it comes in contact with the sea.

    Always ready to use

    No extra costs

    Cool & Unique Design

    Important key properties of the SDL 600 underwater light that separate us for the competition are:

    • the unit comes with approximate working time of well over 2,000 hours (3 hours per day equals more than 2 years of everyday use)
    • performance capacity of 600 lumens to 1140 lumens of light in focus at all times without fading unlike any currently available products on the market
    • additional handling or maintenance is not required, especially in case of recharging or changing batteries after each use, the unit simply has to be rinsed with fresh water and stored away

    It is a "must-have" for every diver, professional dredger, fisherman, diving base, water sports and boat accessories, maintenance and training centers.

    All components and materials of SWES Technology SDL 600 underwater light are designed and manufactured in Europe, which guarantees our products highest quality.