SS Thorfinn

Weno, Chuuk,  Chuuk State 
  • Booth: 4042

Truk Lagoon's finest dive facility welcomes you aboard.

SS Thorfinn has operated within Micronesia and Truk Lagoon for over 30 years. This large ship with spacious appointments, large rooms, and great staff utilizes the industry's best custom designed and built dive tenders for speedy comfotable dispatched to all adjacention dive sites.Non stop 7 dive day weeks assure every diver receives the most exposure to the world’s finest unspoiled shipwrecks and coral reefs.Technical divers are welcomed with additions of double manifolded systems, sidemounths, pony bottles, and rebreather supplies. Onboard oxygen generators supply complete blends of nitrox, and/or tri-mix. Continuous year round charters operate Saturday-Saturday with special group discounts beginning after 6 divers, with up to 3 free leaders accompanying 17 payees. There is no equal to the quality and range of diving provided from Thorfinn, and reasonable package prices keep costs within range of most travel budgets.

Brands: Wreck diving, corals and marine life, oceanic research