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  • AREA51
    AREA51 is the diamond point of the whole AUDAXPRO production. It is commonly considered the best BCD for its category. For more info:

  • The buoyancy compensator AREA51 can face any kind of immersions and any depths, including the extreme ones. Audaxpro gives you the possibility to choose the BCD AREA51 in the suitable buoyancy thrust for your scuba immersions. You can opt for a monotube version of 30, 40 or 50 litres with 2 overpressure and rapid-discharge valves or between the double-tube models of 30+30, 40+40 or 50+50 litres. Thanks to its double air chamber, to the 4 overpressure and the rapid-discharge valves, the double-tube system increases the scuba jacket safety level, which is already assured by the quality of Audaxpro materials and their production technologies.
    PAPEETE is a BCD designed for recreational scuba immersions, but also for those who want to start and try technical diving. For more info:

  • PAPEETE is a jacket with a variable structure. It has a very comfortable harness that you can adjust as you like also while wearing it. This BCD, having enveloping stabilizing big ventral strip, is the only scuba buoyancy compensator also suitable for technical immersions. As a diver, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of a traditional BC, but having a well-accessorized diving BC suitable for any type of scuba immersion at the same time.
    TRAVEL is a lightweight BCD designed for those divers who often travel by plane and do not want to renounce to AUDAXPRO high quality and comfort. For more info:

  • TRAVEL is a scuba BCD with a variable structure and a simple functional harness. This BCD is comfortable, safe to wear and adjust in water as well, while wearing it.
    MAUNA KEA is the best recreational scuba BCD in the AUDAXPRO production. Its design, accessories and comfort make it unique for its category. For more info:

  • MAUNA KEA is a scuba BCD for divers who practise recreational immersions but who still need a very comfortable, well-accessorized harness that can be easily adjusted also in water.
    STARK is a DIR travel BCD designed for divers following the "doing-it-right" philosophy also on holiday. STARK is an essential minimal but at the same time highly functional scuba BCD. For more info:

  • STARK is a jacket with a variable structure and a highly functioning DIR harness. You can adjust it simply pulling the ventral belt while wearing the scuba BCD. This feature makes STARK, a recreational scuba jacket, very stable. Moreover, it influences positively your posture helping you having a more comfortable pleasant diving.
    TYPE ONE is the most versatile BCD not only in the AUDAXPRO production, but probably in the whole world. If you have 3 BCDs in 1. For more info:

  • TYPE ONE is the only scuba BCD equipped with 2 harnesses, one very comfortable and well accessorized, the second one, according to the components you choose to assemble, extremely technical or in a DIR style. Otherwise, if you assemble the 2 harnesses elements completely to your taste and needs, you can create a completely new asset, for which you will have to find an original name.
    STEALTH is a DIR BCD designed to optimise functionality using only components with a surplus value. STEALTH is hydrodynamic DIR that, thanks to its totally adjustable harness. For more info:

  • The STEALTH BCD has been designed following the standard configurations of a DIR jacket.  Its harness is essential, functional and perfectly adherent to your body. This allows maintaining a great stability, keeping a correct posture, reducing your fatigue while swimming and facilitating your movements. With this scuba BC, you will get a reduced gas consumption and a pleasant immersion.