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Stay Dry, Safe and Controlled with SI TECH - Made in Sweden

Our mission is to enhance the comfort, safety and endurance among users of protective suits. SI TECH is considered to be a benchmark within military, commercial, rescue and recreational diving since early 70´s. All components are made in Brastad, Sweden.


Our product range consists of:

- Drysuit Valves

- Drysuit Seals

- Modular Quick Change Wrist- and Neck Solutions

- Ring Systems for Dry Glove attachment

- Hoses

- Non Magnetic military applications


Inhouse capabilities include; CAD construction, injection molding, CNC machining, EMD machining, assembly, logistics and administration.


The high quality and performance characteristics of a product manufactured by SI TECH is a result of dedicated work. The staff at SI TECH has a strong commitment to company operations and to the customer benefits of our products.

Brands: At DEMA we intend to display products from the core range of SI TECH.