Shark Mitigation Systems, Ltd.

Perth,  Western Australia 
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Welcome to SMS helping you mitigate the risk of shark attack

Shark Mitigation Systems Ltd. (ASX: SM8) is a world-leading technology company specializing in science-led technologies to help mitigate the risk of shark attack.  These technologies include scientifically developed visual deterrent technology SAMS™ for marine apparel/crafts and Clever Buoy™, a near shore shark detection system that uses state of the art sonar and identification software to detect sharks and alert beach authorities.

Clever Buoy™ is unique in the market as a viable, commercially-available shark mitigation solution, using non-invasive technology suitable to protect high intensity surf zones, with the ability to deploy immediately behind the surf zone in often extreme conditions in order to create a virtual shark net to detect sharks and alert the appropriate authorities and/or beach users for action.

SMS has received global publicity and has become a recognized organization for information and technology solutions for mitigating shark attacks.

Brands: Clever Buoy™ is a breakthrough nearshore shark detection system designed to detect sharks. SAMS™ is a scientifically developed visual deterrent technology for marine apparel and crafts.


  • SAMS Technology
    New patent-protected technology enabling the manufacture of marine apparel which can reduce the risk of shark attack, based on recently developed science of shark vision, neurology and behavioural effects....

  • Breakthrough science in determining what predatory sharks can see, at certain depths and distances and under certain light and water conditions has been incorporated into marine materials and commercial water apparel products such as Wetsuits, BCD's, Fins, Tanks and Accessories  This commercialization of the science is called Shark Attack Mitigation Technology or SAMS TechnologyTM.

    The resulting interpretation of the science has produced designs for two strategies to offer protection to the wearer. The first is to hide the wearer in the water column (or make the shape of the wearer more cryptic) using disruptive coloration and shaping from the perspective of a predatory shark. The second is to overtly present the wearer as unlike any shark prey (such as a seal) or even as an unpalatable or dangerous food option.

    The Science

    The key to SAMS TechnologyTM lies in development of the design and materials having a specific contrast, colour, size and shape according to the position of the user in the water column and the distance that a shark is likely to perceive the user.

    SMS is a biotechnology company that specializes in research and development of mitigation solutions for shark attacks.  The SAMSTM patented technology is available for licensing to approved manufacturers and distributors of marine applications.

    Licenses will be issued to specific licensees according to industry segment (swimwear, surf, dive, watercraft) with geographies/territories defined according to the interest and capability of the licensee on a case-by-case basis.

    SMS has established license agreements with a number of global manufacturers.

    Applications for Diving include:

    • Personal protection for Divers and Ocean Users
    • Assist in Duty of Care for Dive Charters and other businesses
    • Increase safety for Commercial Divers and improve Risk Management



  • Clever Buoy
    Clever Buoy is a near shore shark detection and warning system developed by Shark Mitigation Systems (SMS). ....

  • The system uses start of the art sonar and identification software to detect sharks and relay accurate, real-time data via cell and satellite communications back to shore. The alert is sent to authorities responsible for beach safety.

    The detection system is deployed beyond the surf zone and uses multi-beam sonar transducers that are mounted to the ocean floor, along with newly developed detection software to scan for marine life.

    Once detected, the software interrogates the object's swimming pattern to determine the occurrence of a shark. If a shark is detected, a message is then instantly relayed to lifeguards on the beach, so they can raise the alarm. The information includes both target and location.

    Clever Buoy is now commercially available following three years of research and development that culminated in a long-term deployment at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia in early 2016. 

    Clever Buoy has applications for:

    • Beach Safety
    • Commercial Divers
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Private Resorts
    • Local Tourism