rEvo Rebreathers

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Never miss a dive on a rEvo!

rEvo: the most advanced rebreather on the market:


CE type approved


Low work of breathing: 2.00 J/litre  in horizontal position, 2.17 J/litre in vertical position




Easy to setup/maintain: only 2 parts of the unit (cover and breathing hose) must be removed for full access or maintenance


Most efficient scrubber on the market: revolutionary dual design: safer in use while using less sorb


Back-mounted counter-lungs: free chest


Minimal need for extra weight when diving: unit has very limited ‘non-compressible’ gas volumes inside


Industrial construction (ISO9001 company for more than 19 years!)


Manual/hybrid/electronic operation: changing between operation modes can be done at any moment


Front mounted manual addition valves, including off-board gas connection


3 different sizes


Triple electronic redundancy up to sensor level available


New (2012): rEvo Monitoring System (rMS): fully digital electronic system based on DIVECAN, including full scrubber monitoring and ready for future upgrades.


Tested  > 200m deep