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Worldwide Training in Visual Cylinder Inspection

Professional Scuba Inspectors (PSI), aka Professional Cylinder Inspectors (PCI) or PSI-PCI, has been the gold standard for visual cylinder inspection for over 30 years. PSI-PCI is still the only training  formally endorsed, recognized and utilized by cylinder manufacturers and recognized by US DOT, OSHA, Compressed Gas Association.  (for more information visit our website) Our training meets USA and Canadian Federal regulations for visual inspection, cylinder hazmat handling and fill station operations. Thousands of PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection, Eddy Current Testing, Valve Repair and Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning courses are conducted annually throughout the US and aroundhe world.  Those inspectors who take PSI-PCI training are afforded the best support system available anywhere with free, professional and knowledgeable consultation plus a full line of inspection tools. No one can match our level of professional training and support. It is our core business!

PSI-PCI inspectors are at NASA, military, fire service, police, dive, hydro facilities worldwide and other industries where cylinders are used. Visit the PSI-PCI Website for information.

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  • OSHA and USDOT require all employees who "are affected" by high pressure cylinders to receive "formal, function specific" training to the HAZMAT within 90 days of employment and retraining every 3 years afterward. While this course is also part of the PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspector program, we recognize that not all personnel are required to visually inspect cylinders, so they may miss out on this important part of their training. Many more are unfamiliar with requirements and safe practices around the Fill Station which can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

    This PSI-PCI program is designed to train businesses who handle high pressure cylinders and operate cylinder filling stations. Topics include cylinder safety awareness and safe handling practices, pre-fill inspection, proper techniques, system maintenance, and emergency procedures. As fill systems vary greatly, this course is a general introduction to these topics and can be enhanced thru professional consultation with PSI-PCI for your specific requirements after completion. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion after the course.

    Sign your staff up online, or call our office for personal assistance.  The cost is $25 at the DEMA show.

    PSI-PCI is the only company whose training is endorsed, recognized, & utilized by the cylinder manufacturers and recognized by USDOT & CGA. Let the trusted professionals at PSI-PCI help you get your business into compliance!