Aqwary AB

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Welcome to Aqwary - Taking dive computers to the next level

Aqwary is based in Sweden and are the inventors behind a Subaquatic network for underwater products.

Their first products, Aqwary Smart Console, Is a palm sized dive console with a 3,7” AMOLED display with the built in ultrasonic transmitters.
Scuba divers will be able to share their dive information such as tank pressure, depth, distance and even direction to other divers in the network.

Aqwary Link is a surface unit that links the divers below to people on land or in a boat.
The Link will provide current tank pressure, depth, distance and more for each individual diver.



Brands: Smart Console is a connected dive computer. Divers will be able to share their dive information to other divers in the network. Aqwary Link is a surface unit that links people on land to the divers.


  • Aqwary Smart Console
    The Smart Console is a new dive computer personalized with Apps and able to communicate underwater. It's now easy to keep an eye on your buddy and share information about your air supply, location and more....

  • Divers that are equipped with Smart Console will automatically connect and share information through an underwater network. Have the benefit of knowing the tank pressure and location of your dive buddies.

    Smart Console comes with a large display that makes it easy to see the information, even in poor water conditions.

    With the convenience of WiFi in Smart Console also comes the benefits of apps and internet connectivity. Personalize and expand the functionality of Smart Console with apps and synchronize your dive logs to your Aqwary cloud account.
  • Aqwary Link
    Aqwary Link is the interface between the divers below and people above surface, giving them an opportunity to know the depth, air level and distance of all divers....

  • Connect your tablet or laptop into the Subaquatic Network via the Aqwary Link, using wired technology. Interect with the divers below via your standart browser. Our underwater network is powered by ultrasonic sound and supports up to 70 divers within 100m range.We have made the Link with recreational as well as professional divers in mind. It is designed to be durable yet easy to operate. We have worked hard to fit as much state of the art technology as possible into the link, making sure it is user friendly and intuitive.