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DIVER SAFETY should be the Primary Concern for DiveOperators

O.E. ENTERPRISES/OCEANEARS is the LEADING MANUFACTURER of Acoustic Diver Recall Systems, Diver Signaling Devices and underwater speakers for use in the Diving Industry (Sport, Commercial and Military) around the World.  DIVER SAFETY must be a primary concern for Dive Operators around the WORLD and OCEANEARS diver recall products will help bring dive operators into the 21st CENTURY concerning DIVER RECALL in the Dive Accident Response Plan.  Banging on the dive ladder with a lead dive weight should be a part of HISTORY and NOT as a response in the 21st CENTURY.  

NEW U.S. NAVY APPROVED Diver Recall System - OCEANEARS DRS-8-003/SA430 PATRIOT Acoustic Diver Recall System --  4.1 RECALL/ONE-WAY COMMUNICATIONS  Equipment # 4.1.6 Category II  (ACTIVE) on "ANU LIST".  Sirens of the Sea!

Diver Safety is NO ACCIDENT.







Brands: OCEANEARS underwater speakers; OCEANEARS Acoustic Diver Recall Systems; OCEANEARS US NAVY APPROVED DSD-6E Diver Signaling Device; "SIRENS of the SEA" Diver Signaling Device.


    U.S. NAVY APPROVED OCEANEARS DRS-8-003/SA430 PATRIOT Acoustic Diver Recall System now available for US Military Dive Teams around the WORLD at a competitive price. Recall range of 2000 feet with tones and voice range in U/W PA of 750 feet. ...


    100 Watts Siren Power; 40 Watts Power in RADIO Mode.

    Five Tones/Sirens -- 2000 Feet recall range   (Horn, Siren, Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo)

    Operates on 12 VDC; Rechargable 12 VDC  7 Amp Hour Battery; Battery voltage meter.

    NO Receiver required to hear sounds.


    External Audio Input; with detachable PTT noise cancelling microphone for U/W PA.

    Underwater PA range of 750 feet.


    OCEANEARS Underwater Speaker with 50 feet of cable.  Pelican 1450 case for speaker storage.

    U.S. NAVY APPROVED    4.1 RECALL/ONE-WAY COMMUNICATIONS                                                                                     Equipment #:  4.1.6  Category II   (ACTIVE)       "ANU LISTED"

    USERS:  Military Dive Teams, Police and Fire Dive Teams, Aquariums, Live aboard dive boats, University and College Dive Programs, Research Dive Teams, Dive Resorts, Marine Mammal Research Dive Teams, Tech Divers, Wreck Divers, U/W Videographers, SHARK Research Dive Teams, U/W Film Directing, Dive Masters, Instructors, Recreational Divers, Fish & Wildlife Dive Teams, Marine Sanctuary Parks, and what is your application?

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