Frog Spit Anti-Fog

Spirit Lake,  ID 
United States
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Frog Spit is a highly effective, earth friendly anti-fog solution specifically developed to “Apply and Let Dry” requiring no rinsing or buffing.  Easy to apply with our individual wipes or lightly spread one or two drops over a clean dry lens and let dry its that simple!   Frog Spit dries clear providing a highly effective, long lasting layer of anti-fog protection. Frog Spit’s proprietary “Green” formula is earth friendly, water soluble and biodegradable containing no silicone or petroleum distillates. Frog Spit also has a pleasant tropical fragrance and is safe and effective for use on all types of glass or plastic goggles, masks, shields and protective eyewear. Originally developed to stop dive masks from fogging in cold northwest waters, Frog Spit was found to be equally effective in all climates and anywhere long lasting anti-fog protection is essential.  Frog Spit is fast becoming the anti-fog of choice by the military, sport and commercial divers, firefighters, skiers, snowmobilers motorcyclist, and industry professionals around the world.  

"Stop the Fog...Use the Frog"  ...Frog Spit Anti-Fog! 


Brands: Frog Spit, 2 oz. Bottle Frog Spit, Anti-Fog Wipes 6 Pack and 12 Pack