Drink Tank, Ltd.

Panama City,  Panama 
  • Booth: 5120

"TankH2O" in SS water bottles & "Tank Rum" in glass bottles

Drink Tank products:

TankH2O water bottles that look like small scuba tanks (!) for scuba dive businesses. The "tanks" are reusable, recyclable stainless-steel bottles that are fun and friendly to the environment. All bottles are 750mL and are made from high quality food-safe (18/8) stainless steel and BPA-free polypropylene (PP#5).  Sold through Scuba Dive Shops, Live-a-boards, Large Aquariums and Dive Resort Gift Shops: use your good quality logo/stickers and apply them in the space provided.

Tank Rum ... sold through Scuba Dive Resorts, Restaurants, Bars, Duty-Free Stores, Gift Shops, Live-Aboards, etc.)


Brands: "TankH2O" (Scuba Tank-shaped Water Bottles for Scuba Divers world-wide) and "Tank Rum" (Yes, rum in a glass Tank ! ... sold through Resorts, Restaurants/Bars, Duty-Free, Gift Shops, and Live-Aboards).


  • TankH2O
    Scuba Dive Yellow Tank-shaped water bottles. Or as a Stainless Steel "flask" for alcohol ......

  • "Cute"


    Good for the Environment (no plastic waste in OUR oceans)

    Helps you identify fellow scuba divers !!

    Sturdy Product ... for your best, most-rugged scuba adventures.

  • Tank Rum
    Yes, Rum in the Tank !! Tank Rum comes in beautifully clear flint-glass with a Scuba Diver on the the bottle that you can see "diving" in the background....

  • Tank Rum is a high-quality "Product of France" and is responsibly Distilled on Reunion Island in the southern Indian Ocean.

    Tank Rum is perfect for your favorite Tropical Cocktails:  

    • Mai Tai's
    • Mojito's
    • Piña Colada's
    • Rum & Coke's
    • Daiquiri's
    • Tank Rum & RedBull-Tropical
    • etc.

    Resorts, Live-Aboards, Restaurants/Bars, Duty-Free Stores, and Gift Shops should contact us to setup Distribution (750mL/Bottle with Qty=6 Bottles/Box) to your alcohol-licensed sight(s).