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In association with Underwater360 (SD+ADEX+AD)

SCUBA DIVER AustralAsia (since 1981) Vibrant informative SDAA offers everything the modern diver wants and needs to know about exploring our fascinating oceans and encountering the creatures within it. Plus ScubaDiver OceanPlanet Inspiration and essential information for dive travel around the globe, with exciting destinations and stories.
AsianDiver (since 1992) magazine was created for the serious diver who understands the challenging lure of the deep blue. Asian Diver has become a brand known around the world for its penetrating and unique insights into the world’s richest dive regions. The Asia Dive Expo (ADEX), since 1995, is the longest and biggest running dive show in Asia.
ADEX Singapore 2017 (7-9 April) is dedicated to Climate Change.
ADEX China 2017 (September) will be held in Beijing.
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Brands: The Underwater360 is the media trio of Scuba Diver AustralAsia/Ocean Planet, the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX, Singapore & China) and Asian Diver (AD) the three most trusted scuba entities in Asia Pacific.

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    22nd Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) offer speial rate for DEMA exhibitors.. 
    Dedicted to Climate Change..