If you are an exhibitor, you should have received an email from Compusystems with your Username and Password to access the registration system. If not, please contact dema@compusystems.com or 1-224-563-3113.

  • All Exhibitor Badges requested over the complimentary allotment will be charged at the standard Exhibitor Badge Rate of $50 on or before 10/14/2016 and $65 after 10/14/2016.
  • Please note that DEMA Show is not open to the public or consumers.

New for Exhibitors

Exhibitors can upload booth personnel. The Upload a File tool cannot be used to register Exhibitor Buyers or Exhibitor Travel Buyers. The tool can only be used to register booth personnel for Exhibitor Badges.

  • The file you upload must either be in .xls format (Excel 97-2003 Workbook) or .csv format (Comma-Separated Values).
  • If you are uploading a .csv file, please ensure that you do not include commas in the registration information (i.e. remove commas from address, etc.)
  • The first row in the file must contain column headings as designated in the sample formats (to the left).
  • Ensure that you include registration data for each of the required fields.
  • Please do not upload a file with more than 200 records, as this could cause the program to stall and not load.

Registration Problems? Contact:

CompuSystems Customer Service
1-855-326-4470 or 1-224-563-3113

General Questions? Contact:

DEMA Show Customer Service
1-703-706-8248 or 1-800-687-7469 ext. 248