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You Are Not A Marine Biologist

21 Nov 2024
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Join marine conservation advocate Alysha Acosta for an enlightening seminar on the critical role of individual behavior in safeguarding our oceans. In this session, Alysha will challenge the common misconception that only biologists and scientists can make a significant impact on marine conservation. Instead, she will highlight how everyday choices and actions by individuals can positively influence the health of our marine environments. Participants will explore the direct connections between daily habits and the well-being of ocean ecosystems. Through engaging discussions and practical examples, Alysha will provide actionable insights and strategies that everyone can implement to support marine conservation efforts. This seminar is a must-attend for anyone passionate about ocean conservation and looking for tangible ways to contribute to the protection of our planet's vital marine resources. No prior expertise in marine biology is required—just a willingness to learn and a commitment to making positive changes.

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