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How to Put Sizzle on Your Sales Floor

21 Nov 2024
DEMA Sponsored Education

Businesses that have high average sales tickets and high sales per square foot do not do so by accident. During this presentation, techniques for improving both will be shown. And these ideas do not require a large budget. There are over 25 aspects to causing a customer to notice a business and then notice the products and services offered once they have entered the business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover why you should create your own displays instead of using manufacturers’ displays
  • See how it is more important what customers see instead of what looks pretty
  • Understand how appealing to all five senses is key to selling
  • Learn how to strategically increase your sales per square foot
Tom Shay, Principal - Profits Plus Solutions

Who Can Attend

DEMA Conference Package Required, Staff and Store
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