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THANK YOU to our Sponsors and Partners

British Virgin Islands Tourist Board

New York,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 2737

Explore the British Virgin Islands below the surface.


The British Virgin Islands is located 60 miles east of Puerto Rico and adjacent to the United States Virgin Islands (St. Thomas & St. John). It is known as one of the most progressive destinations regarding preserving its environmental assets and indigenous wildlife.  From the culture and history of the BVI's four largest islands to the pristine natural splendor of more than 50 smaller isles, every place you drop anchor offers its special magic. Be drawn in by Virgin Gorda's natural granite pillars, rediscover play and adventure in Tortola, let the island move you on Jost Van Dyke, and Glimpse perfection in Anegada.  When exploring our dive sites, you will feel like a kid in a candy shop. Check off countless dive sites, from towering reefs of healthy corals, underwater caves, tunnels, extraordinary shipwrecks, massive boulders and caverns, and spectacular visibility.  Pristine turquoise waters, balmy air temperatures year-round, and unforgettable underwater scenery no matter where you dive, keep the adrenaline pumping for everyone from novice snorkelers to experience scuba divers.  Visit www.bvitourism.com or call toll-free 1-800-835-8530.   


  • Dive Boat (live aboard)
    With her towering sails and at 105ft long and 40ft wide, Cuan Law is the largest trimaran in the world! Fully crewed with captain, chef, 2 stewards, engineer and 2 dive masters.


  • Cuan Law is the ideal place for a BVI sailing vacation. We sail through the most beautiful waters to explore white sand beaches, secluded coves, and popular snorkel and scuba spots. Our comfortable air-conditioned cabins and main saloon are perfect to review photos from the day and unwind.

    Cuan Law accommodates up to 20 guests in her 10 spacious staterooms. All staterooms can be configured as either two twin beds or one queen bed, and each features a private bathroom and individual air conditioning. The extensive aft deck, top deck with hammocks, and air-conditioned saloon offer great space to enjoy the picturesque views, socialize, and relax.

    Each stateroom can be configured as 1 queen or 2 twin beds. All 10 staterooms have their own private bathrooms, individual air conditioning or side and ceiling hatches if you prefer the gentle Caribbean breezes. Each of the spacious rooms are very similar in size so it is impossible to say whether there is a “Best” one! Many guests like #1 and #10 as they are the closest to the aft deck, the diving and the dining. Some like the corner cabins #4 and # 7 and others like the very easy access to the main salon from #2 and #9.

  • Dive Boat Excursions (Day Trip)
    The dive shop owners pride themselves on their knowledge of the BVI dive sites, the condition of dive gear and dive boats, and the skill level of instructors and crew. Safety and guests’ well-being are always their most important concerns....

  • As members of the BVI Scuba Organization we are involved with the upkeep and funding of our marine parks and protecting the environment of “Nature’s Little Secrets”. We adhere to the rules in the Articles of Association and Programmes that are stipulated by the BVI Scuba Organization.

    If you are diving or simply renting gear from any of our members, please remember to “Take Only Photos and Leave Only Bubbles” when diving on our beautiful natural resources.

  • Mooring Buoys, Materials & Equipment
    The BVI is extremely conservation-minded and the extensive system of moorings at the most popular dive sites is maintained by the National Parks Trust and Ministry of Natural Resources which are dedicated to the preservation of reef areas and marine life....

  • Most of the 60 islands and cays in the BVI line the 18-mile long Sir Frances Drake Channel. Many sites are in the 15′ to 50′ range, with others having 60′ to 80′ depths. Two of the deeper, easily accessible dives are the Wreck of the RMS Rhone at 80′ and Ginger Island’s Ginger Steps at 85′.

    Most dives are moored and current is almost nonexistent, providing a haven for underwater photographers. Needless to say, there are plenty of great sites to bedazzle new divers as well as the advanced or expert.

  • Travel Destinations
    The BVI is renowned for snorkeling and scuba diving. Thanks to our rich underwater ecosystem (including colourful tropical fish and vast coral formations), divers will encounter endless fascination. We are home to several famous shipwrecks!...

  • BVI Activities

    There are plenty of activities to keep you busy in the BVI when you are not diving. Some of them are listed below. During the high season (mid-December to Easter) it is advisable to pre-book some excursions to avoid disappointment.

    • Spa Services
    • Hiking and Walking
    • Mountain Biking 
    • Water Skiing
    • Snorkeling
    • Hiring a Powerboat
    • Sea Kayaking
    • Sailing
    • Surfing
    • Kitesurfing

  • Wreck Diving
    Enjoy our amazing underwater wrecks, and art reefs – yes we have some new ones....





    The Wreck of the Rhone is the first and only Marine National Park in the British Virgin Islands. It is the most celebrated dive site in the BVI, and a major recreational attraction. The park includes examples of fringing reef habitat and sea grass beds. The wreck is that of a Royal Mail Steamer which sunk during the hurricane of 1867 with 125 persons on board. At 310 feet long and 40 feet wide, the wreck of the Royal Mail Steamer lies in two main parts in waters between 25 and 90 feet deep. Much of it is still intact and visible, including decking, parts of the rigging, the steam engine, and propeller. The Marine Park stretches from Lee Bay on Salt Island westward to include Dead Chest Island. The ship’s anchor broke away outside Great Harbour, Peter Island, and this site forms the second portion of the Park.


    Depth Range: 25 to 85 feet



    (Marie L, Pat, Beata and Joey D)




    This multiple wreck dive site consists of the Marie L, a cargo boat intentionally sunk in the early 1990s; the Pat, a tugboat sunk a few years later that now lies up against the Marie L; the Beata, sunk in 2001 and the Joey D, a local freighter. Many fish use the wrecks for shelter including large barracuda and moray eels. Southern rays often hide in the sand and reef sharks have been seen. Usually, calm.


    Depth Range: 60 to 85 feet







    This site consists of three derelict airplanes transformed into underwater half-airplane/half-sharks as part of the ongoing Beyond the Reef work to generate positive awareness for the necessity of sharks in our beautiful waters. The site features an airplane bull shark, nurse shark and hammerhead shark – all native to the BVIs waters. This spot also hosts a unique BVI mini-Cathedral installation of repurposed mooring lines - continuing the theme of up-cycling and giving back to our oceans. The site has become home to lobsters, stingrays, barracuda and occasional turtles.

    $5 donations to Beyond the Reef are recommended for those who dive this installation to go towards local childrens swim programs.


    Depth Range: 25 to 50 feet






    This former floating restaurant/bar and the center of many fun BVI stories was washed ashore during Hurricane Irma in September 2017. The wreck was transformed into a pirate-themed underwater playground by a local non-profit, Beyond the Reef, which specializes in creating artificial reefs. They also have several conservation projects that run throughout the year in the BVI. The site includes pirates on the decks and lots of pirate paraphernalia for divers to explore. The Willy T is home to a wide variety of marine life including black coral trees, gobies, blennies, turtles, creole wrasse, eagle rays and bar soldier fish, just to name a few.

    $5 donations to Beyond the Reef are recommended for those who dive the wreck to go towards local childrens swim programs.


    Depth Range: 35 to 65 feet







    The Kodiak Queen, a former Navy fuel barge, survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. In April 2017, it became an underwater art installation and new dive site in the British Virgin Islands. Before she was submerged, artists created a kraken sculpture (a sea monster with 80-foot tentacles) out of mesh and rebar and attached it to the ships deck. The project—a collaboration among Sir Richard Branson, nonprofits, and various groups of artists and entrepreneurs—was designed to rehabilitate marine life while acting as a lab for scientists to monitor the areas fish population.


    The structure did not survive a particularly rough North Swell, but the wreck itself is still phenomenal.


    $5 donations to Beyond the Reef are recommended for those who dive this wreck to go towards local childrens swim programs.


    Depth Range: 40 to 60 feet

Booth: 2737

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