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Pompano Beach,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 2037

The simplicity of snorkeling meets the thrill of scuba


BLU3 is reshaping the diving industry with our patented Smart Reg™ technology. Our innovative, battery-powered tankless dive systems create a more accessible way for individuals to experience the water. Our goal goes beyond making diving more accessible. We are deeply committed to fostering environmental awareness and conservation. Through BLU3, we inspire people to explore, respect, and protect the underwater world. Join the future of diving with BLU3. #diveBLU3

  Show Specials

  • Exclusive to DEMA! We're offering a special opportunity for new dealers - get a Nomad and a Nomad Mini unit at a staggering 50% off MSRP. This fantastic deal allows you to introduce our state-of-the-art tankless diving systems to your customer base.

    Submit a valid and approved dealer application. Once your application is approved, you're eligible for this exclusive discount. It's an exceptional chance for you to let your customers experience the latest, portable, and user-friendly diving systems first-hand.

    Don't miss this exceptional chance to collaborate with us! Add the ultra-portable Nomad and Nomad Mini diving systems to your offerings, letting your customers experience the perfect balance between snorkeling and scuba diving. These innovative systems redefine diving, making it more accessible and enjoyable. Embrace the future of diving and bring a world-class diving experience right to your location. Make the most of this special DEMA Show offer!


  • Nomad Battery-Powered Dive System
    Nomad is a compact, user-friendly dive system providing compressed air from the surface via a hose for underwater use up to 30 feet. It offers 45-60+ minutes of dive time per battery, based on usage....

  • Nomad: Dive Deeper, Longer

    Experience unparalleled underwater freedom with Nomad - our battery-powered, tankless dive system. Dive up to 30ft for 45-60 min/battery. Lightweight and airline-friendly, it's the perfect companion for experienced divers.

    The package includes a dry bag float, BLU3 Backpack, and free online training. Assembled in Florida, USA. Spare batteries and reserve air tank available separately.

    Nomad Features

  • Nomad Mini Battery-Powered Dive System
    Nomad Mini is the newest addition to the BLU3 product line. Our engineering team has accepted feedback from users of Nemo and Nomad to combine the best features of each, so Nomad Mini delivers the sweet spot between portability and performance...

  • Introducing the Nomad Mini

    Welcome to the perfect fusion of portability and performance. The Nomad Mini is a tankless diving system that pairs the best features of our Nemo and Nomad models. It offers similar portability to the Nemo, but with the added depth performance of the Nomad. Dive up to 10ft using a single battery or reach up to 15ft with the DiveBoost™ Kit.

    Utilizing the same batteries as the Nemo, the Nomad Mini allows for an easy upgrade. Its versatility is further enhanced with optional accessories such as a flotation tube or a dry bag float. Despite its capabilities, the Nomad Mini remains lightweight, weighing only 12lb/5.4kg. It runs for 35-40 minutes per battery and takes just 3 hours to fully charge.

    Free access to the online BLU3 Dive Training Course. With the Nomad Mini, dive longer, deeper, and anywhere with this airline-friendly unit.

Booth: 2037

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