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Miami,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 2353

SEAC Sea is calling.


Founded in 1971, Seacsub is a leading manufacturer of watersports equipment present in Italy and United States with the Seac USA Corporation company branch based in Miami. The entire Seacsub industrial facility is powered by renewable energy, thanks to a powerful new photovoltaic system. This is the SEAC's most recent investment in sustainability and comes on top of numerous other initiatives striving towards a sustainable future for all, such as re-shoring strategies and in-house production to reduce our carbon footprint deriving from transportation, our continuous research into new packaging with low environmental impact, and implementing company policies to reduce waste. After all, only by taking care of the whole environment and those who live in it can you claim to respect the sea.   


  • SEAC IT500 regulator
    Discover the brand new SEAC IT500 regulator, designed for those who enjoy diving under ice. 100% Made in Italy...

  • The brand-new IT 500 regulator ICE is the best you can find on the SEAC range. It features many of the technologies available on the market that optimise performance without compromising ergonomics and ease of use.
    • It has an ergonomic knob integrated with the dive/pre-dive lever to regulate breathing effort and optimise the Venturi effect, eliminating the annoying phenomenon of free flow if the regulator is left in the water.
    • The generously sized purge button, made of soft PU in 2 materials enhances the SEAC logo, is an integral part of the front shield embellished with a steel ring, optimises both operations even with thick gloves, and the passage of water, reducing breathing effort and avoiding, provided by the front and side openings, possible free flow due to the force of currents that are deflected by the front cover.
    • The Exhaust deflector thanks to its unique geometry, this feature prevents water ingress into the second stage through the exhaust valve, even in the presence of strong side currents and at the same time, conveys the expelled bubbles to the sides of the face, avoiding annoying exhaust bubbles in front of the field of vision, with consequent reduction of the same.
    • The brand new 2-material LP hose guards emphasise the SEAC brand and give it structure and stability, re designed in diameter and length to avoid any kinking of the LP Hoses, it generates an optimised and ergonomic LP Hose shape and comfort for the user.
    • The first stage is hot forged and machined using computerised machining centres to reduce its weight as much as possible, and has all the outlets, both HP and LP, ergonomically pre-oriented for all the components connected to it: second stageoctopuspressure gaugejacket LP Hosedry suit LP Hose and transmitter, thereby facilitating different configurations.The matt chrome finish enhances its aesthetic appearance.
    • It is a balanced diaphragm First Stage with high air flow and high performance through all depth ranges.The First Stage features 2 high pressure ports and 4 low pressure ports.
    • Available in DIN and INT versions.
    • EN250 A certified for cold water.

    Comes complete with a brand new semi-rigid preformed case with an ultra-resistant fabric finish, handle and internal conformers for an excellent protection of the regulator assembly during transport.
  • SEAC U-1000 fins
    The new SEAC U-1000 are scuba fins designed for divers who demand excellent performance and great thrust....

  • SEAC U-1000 are scuba fins designed for divers who demand excellent performance and great thrust.

    The SEAC U-1000 fins are ultra resistant and suitable for professional use. The research of a special thermoplastic polymer creates a sturdy structure, durable over time and resists shocks, abrasions and sudden changes in temperature. The rubber surface inside the blade undergoes precision bending to displace a greater volume of water (spoon effect) and therefore obtain greater thrust.

    The foot pocket of the SEAC U-1000 fin has a non-slip sole and is quick to slip on thanks to the elastic Sling Strap.

    The SEAC U-1000 are negatively buoyant diving fins which cancels the positive buoyancy of neoprene dive boots.

    The search for maximum performance is then combined with a sophisticated design, adding captivating lines and graphics.

    SEAC U-1000 fins are 100% Made in Italy and are available in 5 sizes (XS/S=34/36EU=1.5/3.5UK=5/6US - S/M=37/39EU=4/6UK=7/8US - M/L=40/42EU=6.5/8.5UK=9/10US - L/XL=43/45EU=9/11UK=10.5/11.5US - XL/XXL=46/48EU=11.5/13UK=12/13US).

  • SEAC i50 dive light
    Come to discover the new SEAC i50 dive light: a concentration of technology in a single snap...

  • Discover how practical the new SEAC i50 underwater flashlight is. One button for maximum control and safety underwater. 

    With just one button you can:

    • turn the flashlight on,
    • adjust its intensity
    • operate the flashing function
    • know the battery charge status

    The SEAC i50 dive light is equipped with and external magnetic USB charging cable that allows you to recharge the battery without having to remove it.

    All these features are housed in an aerospace-derived aluminum body, surface-treated to make it ultra resistant.

    The beam angle is adjustable from 14° to 75°.

Booth: 2353

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