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Brownie's Third Lung

Pompano Beach,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1546

Diving Made Easy!


It all started with the simple idea of sharing our passion for diving by making it easier for everyone. Today, at Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™, we are proud to be the world’s largest innovator, designer and manufacturer of surface-supplied air diving systems. Fun, tankless, battery-powered or gas systems carefully designed to help everyone discover the underwater world, without the weight.


  • Sea LiOn™
    This battery-powered, multi-diver system allows up to 4 divers to enjoy a dive of up to 3 hours with one single battery charge....

  • Includes: motor/compressor assembly, storage case with impact resistant HDPE cover and 7 ft heat hose with easy to clean in-line particle filter.

    • Power: .75 hp sealed DC motor powered by (1) 24V / 63.8 amp-hour Lithium Ion Battery
    • Compressor: Single Head Direct Drive Oil-less
    • Run time: Up to 3 hours available
    • Maximum Depth Selector: Dial in your Depth to Determine estimate dive time.
    • Depth: 3 divers to 33 ft / 4* dives to 15-20 ft     *With the purchase of an Add-A-Diver kit
    • Weight:  Unit only 33lbs, battery 22lbs, gear bag 35lbs
    • Dimensions in Storage Case: 17 L x 24 W x 14 H (inches)
  • Bright Weights Slugs
    Our 500g plastic-coated slug weights conform to your body contours and fit easily in and out of the holsters in the weight belt to ensure fine-tuned balance, buoyancy and comfort....

  • Our 1.1lb plastic coated slug weights conform to your body contours and fit easily in and out of the holsters in the weight belt to ensure fine-tuned balance, buoyancy and comfort.
  • Bright Weights Vest
    Comfortable weighted vest for technical and commercial divers available in 3.5kg and 7kg weight options....

    • ECO friendly
    • One size fit all
    • Marine grade Stainless steel O-rings
    • Computerized quad stitching
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Transfer weight for comfort and balance
    • Unique bungee cord compensating mechanism
    • 3.5kg vest has a reflective strip for visibility
    • Non ditch-able weights
  • Bright Weights Belt
    Our 500g slug weights slide easily in and out of this 1.5m long weight belt. Marine grade stainless steel buckle and D ring attached ensures ease of use and quick ditching....

    • Holds 500g slug weights
    • Stainless steel buckle and utility D-ring
    • Quad stitched double webbing
    • Flexible and comfortable when loaded
    • Change weights without un-threading belt
    • Patented weight locking design
    • Fine tune buoyancy
    • No weight retainers necessary
    • Weights not included
    • Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink 
    The SCOUT features our proprietary direct-drive compressor on a Briggs & Stratton 550 series engine – providing run times well over 3 hours on a single tank of fuel....

  • Includes: motor/compressor assembly, impact resistant HDPE base case, 7ft heat hose with easy to clean in-line particle filter and QRS fitting.

    • Motor: Briggs & Stratton, 4 stroke motor
    • Compressor: Single Head Direct Drive Oil-less
    • Run time: 3 hours per tank of gas
    • Depth: Recreational diver performance: 2-3* divers to 33 ft with the Standard Package  *With the purchase of an Add-A-Diver kit*
    • Weight: 44 pounds – compressor in yellow pan with travel cover
    • Dimensions: 17″L x 24″W x 14″H (in storage case)

  Additional Info

Brand Name 1
Bright Weights- Award-winning range of ultimate weighing solutions. Bright Weights® products have a tight-form fit that conforms to the body’s natural shape, allowing unparalleled versatility across various training and fitness routines.
Brand Name 2
Gas Powered Tankless Diving Systems- With 50+ years in the manufacturing of Surface Supplied Air systems, Brownie’s has perfected every aspect of Safety, Ease of Diving and FUN in our line of gasoline-powered systems. The Scout, Pioneer, and Explorer diving systems are here to entertain you and your family.

Booth: 1546

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