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Heilsbronn,  Germany
  • Booth: 2346

Waterproof & airtight premium zippers - made in Germany.


Premium waterproof & airtight zippers - made in Germany

For more than 20 years, TIZIP® has stood for premium waterproof and airtight zipper systems, as well as for competence, continuity and reliability. TIZIP® creates its success with innovative technologies and outstanding quality “Made in Germany.” All high-end waterproof and airtight TIZIP® zippers and components are developed and produced exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Germany by dedicated and highly qualified chemists, process engineers, design engineers and mechanical engineers.


  • NEW: TIZIP MasterSeal (IPX8)
    - air- & water-tight up to 700 mbar
    - improved double side coated tape with TPU
    - low operation forces
    - high durability (number opening & closing cycles > 5000)
    - multiple configuration options (colors, sliders, pullers, ...)
    - low price point...

  • With its robust and flexible design and the improved Bottom Stop, the multifunctional TIZIP® MasterSeal 6 & 10 offers a high water, air and pressure resistance. The zipper’s plastic teeth are attached to the front and back side of a durable, polyurethane-coated tape. As with the TIZIP® MasterSeal waterproof and pressure-resistant properties are secured by the pressing together of the sealing lip across the interlocking elements. The TIZIP® MasterSeal is opened and closed with a precision metal or polymer metal slider. The zipper’s outstanding properties make it uniquely suitable for a full range of demanding applications. Optional you can add a reinforcement tape on the bottom end, named Q-Strap. The Q-Strap prevents over stressing of the zipper when open.
  • TIZIP SuperSeal
    - air- & water-tight up to 700 mbar (around 10,2 psi)
    - single side coated tape with TPU (frontside)
    - very high cross tension forces...

  • As the TIZIP® SuperSeal zipper is closed, the sealing lips above and below the coil are pressed together to ensure a pressure resistance of 700 mbar. In fact, the TIZIP® SuperSeal’s mechanical design ensures that the sealing lips are pressed more tightly together when the zipper is exposed to transverse tensile forces, which helps enhance its sealing strength.
  • TIZIP RingSeal
    - Chain tightness: gas-tight & waterproof
    - Closure tightness: not gas-tight, splash-proof
    - improved double side coated tape with TPU...

  • The versatile TIZIP® RingSeal essentially consists of the combination of the MasterSeal 10 and an innovative special closure system, which connect the two zipper ends in a ring shape. This ring-shaped TIZIP® RingSeal is ideal for temporarily or permanently coupling different components (e.g. combination of jacket with pants). The TIZIP® RingSeal is opened and closed by a plastic slider, which is firmly connected to the special closure.

    In the area of the zipper chain, the RingSeal has a high level of water and pressure tightness by pressing the sealing lip together within the coupling elements. The special closure provides splash protection.

  • NEW: TIZIP Life Time Extension Kit
    The Lifetime Extension Kit for TIZIP’s MasterSeal #10 zippers allows for a quick and simple solution to extend the durability of the gear you love. A key element to save waste, limited resources, and even extensive zipper replacement costs....

  • Durability is one of the key priorities for the TIZIP Brand and TIZIP’s premium waterproof & airtight zippers.

    That’s why we are constantly investigating innovative ideas and technical improvements to achieve and build upon an already outstanding level of quality. A result of our drive for constant improvement is a major milestone towards extending zipper lifetime and reducing our environmental footprint. Introducing the brand new and patented:

    The Lifetime Extension Kit for TIZIP’s MasterSeal #10 zippers allows for a quick and simple solution to extend the durability of the gear you love. A key element to save waste, limited resources, and even extensive zipper replacement costs. Having a Lifetime Extension Kit to fix a waterproof & airtight zipper is therefore one of the most useful and essential tools you will ever have.

    If the zipper separates, comes undone after fastening, the slider comes off the track, or even slider breakage, the Lifetime Extension Kit will ensure your TIZIP MasterSeal zipper is ready again – Whether you’re out in the wilderness, or on a rescue mission, the Lifetime Extension Kit can be used to keep your gear in action.

    The Lifetime Extension Kit (LEK) is available as follows:

    Lifetime Extension Kit  (LEK 1)
    • 2x LEK Front Cover
    • 2x LEK Back Cover
    • 2x LEK Fixing Screw
    • 1x LEK Punch
    • 1x LEK Assembly Tool
    • 2x LEK Slider incl. Puller

    Lifetime Extension Kit (LEK 2)
    • 10x LEK Front Cover
    • 10x LEK Back Cover
    • 10x LEK Fixing Screw
    •   2x LEK Assembly Tool
    • 10x LEK Slider incl. Puller

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Booth: 2346

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