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African and Oriental Travel Co.

Cardiff,  United Kingdom
  • Booth: 733

The African and Oriental Travel Company welcomes you.


Imagine diving on a wreck in the Red Sea that no one knows the name of? Its a new dive, based upon a sonar scan, which in turn is based upon a fisherman consistently snagging his nets? This is the kind of dive trip we love to organise. Imagine sitting by a bend in an almost dry river in Tarangire National Park. Watching elephants shuffle zebra out of the way so that they can drink. You've been there for two hours watching this ongoing wildlife scenario unfold before you. And then out of the corner of your eye, you glimpse what you think is the tail of a leopard. This is the kind of Safari we love to organise. Imagine scuba diving around an iceberg in Antarctica. That is the sort of adventure we love to organise.

We have organised unique dive adventures since 1996.  From Antarctica to St Helena Island to Yap, to New Guinea to Zanzibar.

Having lived in Africa for 20 years we know Safaris. Ask us about Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia Namibia or Zimbabwe.

We welcome dive shops and have special rates for small and large groups.

Please Email for your tailor made itinerary. Whatsapp +447736872259  


  • Addu Attol Safari
    Dive the remote atoll at the southern tip of the Maldives. Stay in a former Royal Air Force Station that is now a period lodge. Dive with Aquaventures Maldives and the unique Marc Kouwenburg...

  • Addu Atoll is famous for its sharks that inhabit its passages and its manta cleaning station, where Manta Rays come by and peer at divers in 30m visibility. But Addu should be dived for so much more than the sharks and Manta Rays.

    Addu Atoll is one of the final frontiers of global scuba diving. It is host to the healthiest, most vibrant coral reefs that I have seen in 30 years.  Every reef is packed with fish.  If you wish to explore the outside of the Atoll, you can jump onto walls that descend down to the Indian Ocean floor. You drift through “farms” of gorgonian fans that stretch down from 10m-50m.  Sometimes sharks will appear from nowhere, have a look at the divers and then disappear. Down deeper we see 300lb tunas investigate us.

    On your safety stop the barracuda, turtles, eagle rays and jacks swim past you.  In the lagoon, close to the pier of Maradu-Feydo, lies the MT British Loyalty. This magnificent wreck lies on her side in 32 metres of water, but only 14 metres from the surface.  Sunk twice by the Germans and Japanese and refloated twice by the Royal Navy, the MT British Loyalty is a magnificent giant coral reef. Swimming into the cavernous engine room, the giant Sulzer engine is covered in yellow snapper. To sum up the diving in Addu: everything is pristine, untouched, unbroken and vibrant. Best of all you’ll be very unlucky to see other divers. Everything in this world is about people, and Marc Kouwenberg, the owner of Aquaventure, is no exception. His drive in searching out the most interesting sites in Addu has created a dynamic and welcoming dive centre. Aquaventure dive three times a day from their safe, reliable boats with excellent dive guides.

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Brand Name 1
African and Oriental Travel Co
Brand Name 2
Anatolian Travel Company

Booth: 733

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