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Scubaqua Dive Center

St. Eustatius,  Dutch Caribbean
  • Booth: 2230

Fine diving in the Caribbean hidden secret


If you never heard about this small, undiscovered island in the Caribbean, it's only because it's a well-kept secret. The reefs surrounding St. Eustatius are flourishing in a protected marine park. Combine these reefs with numerous of historical dive sites, muck dives and more recent sunk wrecks and you got yourself a divers paradise!  

Our mission is to give you the best diving St. Eustatius has to offer with care for your personal safety and the environment. We offer low guest-to-guide ratios and nitrox for free, just the way we want to dive ourselves during our holidays. St. Eustatius offers dives for all levels and no matter which level of diving you have, we always listen to your personal needs and do everything to give you an unforgettable experience. Our team is highly trained but even more important, we are passionate about diving and our oceans. 

Our dive center is housed in a beautiful 17th century landmark building, once occupied by the Dutch West India Trading Company. So please kick back after diving and soak up the Caribbean atmosphere with a cold drink on our terrace and enjoy the best view St. Eustatius has to offer.

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  • Dive & Yoga
    The ultimate week to de-stress and improve your health.
    Scuba diving, on unspoiled reefs; yoga with amazing views; and healthy, wholesome food. Everything you need for an unforgettable vacation with lasting effect!...

  • If you are looking for an ultimate de-stress week, during which all you need to do is enjoy the present moment; we now organize dive and yoga retreats! How do scuba diving and yoga relate? Some people might not right away see the connection, but the two actually have a lot in common.  Yoga combines breathing exercises and physical postures to teach you to bring your awareness in the present moment.  This will help you to relax and promotes health for body and mind. When diving, all you can focus on are your surroundings and the sound of your bubbles. Where on land it might be hard to switch off because of all the every day thoughts that keep coming up, underwater it becomes much easier to let go and achieve a meditative state of mind. So scuba diving can help you gain more benefit of your yoga practice; yoga can in turn improve your scuba skills, and together they will improve your health!

Booth: 2230

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