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Brügg,  Switzerland
  • Booth: 413

World's finest underwater lighting equipment.


KELDAN is a Swiss manufacturer of the highest quality lighting equipment.

We are specialized in manufacturing ultra compact, self-contained video lights which are carefully designed for optimized photometric specifications. Our lights have the highest luminous flux, smooth beam pattern without hot spots, outstanding high color rendering and a color temperature which precisely matches daylight.

We sell what we promise: all photometric specifications are verified in our own lab. The batterypacks include a charge level indicator and are designed for easy exchange within seconds.

For best colors under water we offer a range of ambient light filters for the video lights and special spectrum filter for the camera.

For recreational and professional diving we offer ultra compact, rugged LED lights with very high luminous flux and unique features like variable power, exchangeable Li-Ion batterypacks, charge level indicator, LED safety light and others.

All our lights are factory tested to 200m depth.


  • Video 8XR 20000lm CRI86
    Extremely small and lightweight, 20'000 lumen Remote Controllable LED video light. Ready for wireless Remote Control RC1.

  • Ready for wireless Remote Control

    The Video 8XR light is ready for our wireless Remote Control RC1.

    LED technology with outstanding efficiency

    The Video 8XR 20000 lm CRI 86 is equiped with a LED of the latest generation with a color temperature of 5600 Kelvin. The spectral power distribution is very even, resulting in a color rendering index of 86 CRI (Ra). A unique feature is the variable power with 9 settings with a brightness range of 1:80.

    Soft 110° beam

    The light has a very soft and speckle free beam of 110° in water (120° in air).


    The self contained design makes this light very easy to use. There is no need for special mountings for the battery canister. The included bracket with ball mount allows easy mounting on standard arm systems.

    Small and lightweight

    The design is optimized for very small dimensions and light weight. The complete set ads only 0.87kg (0.30kg in water) to your gear.

    Tough Design

    The LED can not break and has almost unlimited lifetime. The integrated overtemperature protection allows safe use of the light in air. The protection circuit controls the housing temperature and the power will be limited to keep the temperature within a safe range.

    Travel Safe Li-Ion Battery

    The battery passed successfully the mandatory UN38.3 safety test as required by IATA and it is therefore certified for air transport. The capacity of this battery is below the maximum allowed capacity of 100Wh. It contains an integrated protection circuit against harmful conditions like over discharge, deep discharge, over current and short circuit. 

    Charge Display

    The green charge level indicator displays the available relative charge. The two digit display shows the remaining time. While the battery is discharging, the display shows the remaining runtime in minutes (e.g.”18” = 18 minutes). When connected to the charger, the display shows the remaining charge time in units of 10 minutes (e.g.”18” = 180 minutes).

  • Barn Door for 4/8X series
    Keldan Barn Door is a simple but very effective tool for creative adjustments. Can easily be plugged onto 4X and 8X series lights.

  • Start playing with shadow and light!
    Keldan Barn Door is a simple but very effective tool for creative adjustments. Narrow or widen the angle, focus the beam on your object.
    Can easily be plugged onto 4X and 8X series lights.

  • RC1 Remote Control
    Wireless Remote Control for Video 8XR, Video 18XR and Video 24XR lights.

  • Worlds 1st Underwater Remote Control

    The KELDAN RC1 is a wireless Remote Control based on ultrasonic technology. It is available for Video 8XR, Video 18XR and Video 24XR lights. 

    Outstanding features

    It has two brightness channels. Each channel can address an infinite number of lights simultaneously. A light can be paired with any of the two channels with a pairing mode. The range under water is about 50 meters. The RC1 remote control can also operate in air, but the range will be limited to about 1-2 meters.

    • Easy mountable with ball adapter
    • Range of 50m
    • Control brightness individually on 2 channels
    • Each Channel can address an unlimited number of lights
    • Each Channel has a separate ID to avoid interference when multiple controllers are used at the same dive site
    • Remote Control works with all "XR" series lights

    Numerous of advantages

    • No more swimming back and forth to adjust lighting
    • Fast and easy control of your lighting
    • Place the lights wherever you want
    • Allows for new and more creative ways of shooting
    • Works around the corner and through walls
    • Saves battery life

Booth: 413

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