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Grenada Tourism Authority

St. George's,  St. George 
  • Booth: 1912

"PURE Diving - Out of this World"


Grenada has more than fifty great drift, reef, critter, shark and wreck dives which are perfect for divers of all levels.  Grenada boasts many wrecks including the "Titanic of the Caribbean" - The Bianca C and experts have listed it as one of the 'top ten' wreck diving destinations. 

Grenada is home to the World's first Underwater Sculpture Park created by Jason de Caires Taylor which has earned such prestigious recognition as one of the National Geographic Wonders of the World. 

Carriacou, Grenada's sister isle which means "Land of Reefs" is surrounded by pristine reefs, some perfect for novices.

"PURE Diving - Out of this World!"

Visit us on booth # 1208

Booth: 1912