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Exotech sp. z.o.o.

Gdynia,  Pomorskie 
  • Booth: 2256

FOLDING FINS a solution drawn from nature


At EXOTECH we aspire to provide swimmers using fins possibility to use a product that is as close as possible in design and features to the fins of organisms naturally inhabiting the water/sea environment. FOLDING FINS draw on the achievements of science in the field of biomimetics (also known as bionics, biomimicry or bionic engineering), which deals with developing the possibility to imitate the behavior and functioning of nature, by using solutions shaped by it over millions of years of evolution. FOLDING FINS outperform currently available products of this type and remarkably enhance performance, buoyancy by adapting solutions found in nature.

FOLDING FINS fully respond to this type of demand from the market.

The solutions implemented in FOLDING FINS are protected by an international patent and remain universal on a global scale.

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Booth: 2256