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| November 14 - 17, 2023 |  New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center | New Orleans, LA

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Charlotte,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 968

Welcome to our Mixto World of color, prints, safety & style!


Be Seen! ScubaDoRag, At The Corner of Fun & Fashion. We are the Original others copy, since 2000. Innovative - Designed for safety, action, and style. 

We make cool quality in the USA of high-performance fabrics in funky prints to suit your active lifestyle. Our products for your head, ScubaDoRag, ScubaGoodHood, Oh MyTie! and CoCo Big Oh! to identify, protect your skin, scalp, and hair. We also make you and your gear easily identified. Check out our Hose Covers for BCD and Rebreather Hoses and our ScubaTubeSocks for ease in performing the wetsuit dance and to protect from blisters. 

  Show Specials

  • Keep your customers excited about diving with ScubaDoRag up-sell and impulse items.

    We have DEMA combo specials designed to save money and experience the color of ScubaDoRag products.

    Starter Combo of three products in quantities of 12, 18 and 24

    Bigger Combo of five products in 12, 18, and 24 quantities

    Head2Toe Super Combos of seven products in 12, 18, and 24 quantities


  • ScubaDoRag
    Be Seen in our Patented ScubaDoRag head covering for sun protection, hair management, and ID....

  • ScubaDoRag patented head covering for sun protection, hair management, and ID. Made in America of high-performance fabrics of vibrant colors and distinctive prints provides high visibility at great depths and on the surface of the water contains a pocket for hair or a tip for a favorite divemaster. Great to be spotted on the surface too by what you are wearing on your head and a great way to remember who’s underwater. 
  • CoCo Big Oh!
    CoCo Big Oh! We are the Original! – Best Headband for Hair Management. Practical yet fashionable, the CoCo Big Oh! is a 6″ wide headband (to our British friends – Alice band) that features a high-quality ponytail holder at the back of the band....

  • Our CoCo Big Oh! is sometimes just the perfect solution for those with short hair to keep pesky hair out of your mask for the optimal mask seal. Because of our original, unique design of the ponytail opening, even if not using for that purpose, it makes for less bulky fabric at the nape of the neck. If you ever decide you want a tighter fit, you can tie a tighter knot for a smaller opening.

    I wear when washing my face and use while taking a bath, pull my longer hair through the band, twist it and tuck under the band.
    I leave the house with one around my neck (a great look) and it is ready anytime I need to not worry about my hair, especially when I am teaching yoga and fitness classes or, want to reduce my body temperature by, it seems, 10 degrees.

    Not every product we make is suitable for everyone hence our wide array of solutions where we hope to make your active life more enjoyable and stylish. Made of a 4-way stretch, high-performance fabric in bright colors and prints, it also makes a fashion statement topside. We have over thirty prints that can go with just about any outfit you can imagine.

    Great for Yoga, Pilates, running in addition to water sports. From pirate to underwater explorer, chemo patient, runner and fashion forwards, our patented ScubaDoRag line of products include ScubaDoRags, ScubaGoodHoods, Scuba Tube Socks, headbands, Flirty Skirts, CoCo Cami Shields, accessories and even our line of funky RashGuards so you can dive in our colorful lifestyle.

  • Scuba Do Hose Covers Super Size
    ScubaDo Rebreather, Inflator Hose, Ponytail Hair Cover in Super Size is longer and finished like our originals for rebreathers and BCDs....

  • ScubaDo Rebreather, Inflator Hose, Ponytail Hair Cover in Super Size is longer and finished like our originals for rebreathers and BCDs. A great way to color code gear for safety and security with our Rebreather BCD Hose Cover.
    I first came up with this idea when I saw a Florida dive shop, Conch Republic, had several technical divers who had just left. Their gear was all over the place as Gary and Brenda Mace were preparing to ship them back to the owners. I thought how can you keep all of the disparate parts from being mixed up?

    Our ScubaDo Rebreather BCD Hose Cover – also used when there are 12 sets of gear lined up on a dock, guess whose shows up? ID your BC!, priced as each, not a pair because not everyone has grown a pair for rebreathers 🙂

    And use ScubaDo Rebreather Inflator Hose Ponytail Hair Cover to dress up your ankle weights or use your ankle weights as a mermaid necklace. You can also feed a ScubaDo Hose Cover on your backpack strap – and – we are now using to pull your ponytail through our Hose Covers but we are not changing our product name for this purpose so now we get to call our ponytail a “Hose”. At Long Beach Scuba Show, Sara’s Hose was longer than mine but I am a confident person so I was not bothered 🙂 These work really well with out CoCo Big Oh! headband. Secure your ponytail in an elastic holder, twist ponytail, fold in half, gather ScubaDo Hose Cover, use 2nd and 3rd finger to grab and pull ponytail through Cover, use another elastic band to secure between head and first elastic band, use another band at the end.

    We are the Original Hose Covers – anyone else is a pirate 🙂 Rebreather, Inflator Hose Ponytail Hair Cover

  • ScubaGoodHood
    The ScubaGoodHood provides protection from thimble jellies, sea lice, and other waterborne parasites. Like the ScubaDoRag, the lightweight liner hood is cut and sewn from quick-drying, high-performance fabrics that maintain their color and shape....

  • The ScubaGoodHood for Scuba Snorkel Fishing Kayak Hood for sun protection and hair management; a liner, hood, sun-protection head covering, mask that extends the benefits of the ScubaDoRag, offering the same high visibility, hair containment, relief from your mask strap and sun protection, especially for on-the-surface snorkelers and kayakers. It can also serve as a protective liner inside a diver’s neoprene hood, covering the ears and neck. For tech and cold water divers with seals on their wetsuits, the ScubaGoodHood can be very beneficial for sliding into wetsuits with seals. Also, for full face masks with many straps that go over the head, in any kind of diving, it will really save your hair – a concern of many. We let some companies borrow them at shows so customers can try on the masks without hurting their hair. It features an elongated neck and bib that can be tucked comfortably under a wet suit. The ScubaGoodHood provides protection from thimble jellies, sea lice, and other waterborne parasites. Like the ScubaDoRag, the lightweight liner hood is cut and sewn from quick-drying, high-performance fabrics that maintain color and shape. They are also nice for covering the ears below and keeping out the wind on the boat. When not in use, scrunch up around the neck for a styled look. Used frequently for cold water diving, the liners make it easier to put on a neoprene hood. From pirate to underwater explorer, runner and fashion forwards, our patented ScubaDoRag line of products includes Scuba Tube Socks, headbands, accessories and even our line of funky Rash Guards so you can dive in style. For Fishing and Scuba, our Scuba Good Hood is a Hat Head Covering for sun protection of your neck, ears and face besides managing hair (if you have any 🙂 They coordinate with all of our other products in funky prints that will become your trademark of diving or being active in Style.
  • CoCo Hugga Shrug Bolero Jacket
    Our CoCo Hugga Shrugs wrap you in style on a plane, a boat, out to dinner, on a run, or just for fun.


  • Cover your arms, shoulder and back with our unique combination of our moisture-wicking, sun protection high-performance fabrics. And you will love how tiny they pack with no wrinkles.

    Not just for the utility of sun protection, but dress up a dress or top without the bulk of a jacket. Great for all sports, to knock off the chill from an early morning run, underwater protection from jellies, or under a sleeveless hooded neoprene vest. Enjoy an island evening breeze under the stars with a little extra warmth.

    Unlike many on the market, ours are generous in size, comfortable and not so binding. This dressier Ruffle we call Ruffle Nudi  (as in Nudibranch – scuba divers will understand 🙂 But we also make Smooth Band.

  Additional Info

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CoCo Big Oh!
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CoCo Cheznaynay
Brand Name 5

Booth: 968

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