DEMA Show 2021

| November 16–19, 2021 | Las Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, NV

Let's Get Back to Business

DEMA Show is the global, professionals-only event that enables the entire dive, action watersports and travel industries to discover and unveil new opportunities to sustain and expand product offerings, services and overall business.

After having to meet virtually in 2020, the excitement to get back to business and return to face-to-face meetings is all-consuming. Join us as the industry reconvenes to divulge into the latest trends and innovations. 2021 will be a critical year to work together and forge forward together.


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Upcoming Payment Deadline: 60% Booth Space Liability Date is May 24, 2021


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Check out the latest safety protocols in Las Vegas


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DEMA Show 2021 Space Selection Underway!


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Steinach,  Switzerland
  • Booth: 1650

We bring your logbook to life! Make your dive unforgettable.


Your logbook, next level

1. With Dive Sticker, 96 Sticker with Fish-ID of your dive destination. The size of 33 x 34 mm makes them fit in any logbook.Increase the anticipation of your diving vacation with the adhsive images of Dive with 96 different fish/wreck images per region - with both English and Latin names. You can currently choose from 17 diffenrent dive sites worldwide for your next vacation.

2. Create your very owne Dive Sticker set! Instead of the origninal envelope you can design your own personalized one. With your logo and picture that stands for your diving region. So you will remembered by your guests for a longe time.

3. Are you lookinfg for a very special reward for the successful completion of your students courses? We have the most common Dive-Certifications as stickers for the logbook!

The following regions are currently aviable

Red Sea, Bonaire, Bonaire dive sites, Maldives, Oman, Hawaii, Mediterranean Sea, Elba , Malta/Gozo with wrecks, Andaman Sea, Indonesia, Indonesia Muck, Philippines, Comic Edition 1, Best of Shark 1, German Freswater, Swiss Freshwater


Croatia,Raja Ampat, Lanzarote, Teneriffe

We make your dive destination