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Vid Adventures Travel. Inc

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Cuba's Gardens of the Queen: Exotic Caribbean Paradise


The Queen's Gardens are located 60 miles off the southern Cuban Coast, and in 1996 were declared Marine Park, and together with the Cuban Sciences and Environnment Ministry , this area has been preservedfor future generations as a complex network of untouched marine ecosystem that have been regarded by many knowledgeable scientists and organizations as a reference of what is the original status of a coral reef as it was found by Christopher Columbus in the times of the Discovery.  The biggest populations of adult fish in the Caribbean, Sharks, Snappers and Groupers, Jewfish up to 400 Pounds are an everyday experience. Sharks are one of the main attractions and you can see them everywhere. You can easily dive with 6 different species: Silkies, Reef, Lemon, Black tip, King Hammerhead and nurse sharks. From July to November you have chances to swim with Whale Sharks. . Gardens of the Queen are certainly one of the last virgin reefs known by man. Dive and snorkel sites are well protected from the winds and sea currents. Visibility is more than 40 meters. 
Avalon tries to minimize any negative impact of tourism on the environnement .

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Booth: 1232