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| November 16–19, 2021 | Las Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, NV

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DEMA Show brings great value to the industry by providing an unmatched opportunity for participants to network with other industry professionals, as well as to see many industry offerings all in one place, in a cost-effective way. With the established safety protocols, DEMA Show will once again provide this opportunity for the industry and will stage as scheduled.

Please read our recent letter addressing the DEMA Community.


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Snorklean PPE Sleeve

Miami,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1532

SNORKLEAN is a protective sleeve designed for mouthpieces


  Snorklean is the first personal protective sleeve that is designed for snorkel and scuba regulator diving mouthpieces. After researching with divers and business professionals, we designed Snorklean to offer an added layer of safety, comfort, and confidence for divers renting or sharing equipment. Snorklean can be easily incorporated into existing rental gear lockers, new student packages, and retail business models. Snorklean reduces the risk for divers and increases the profit for businesses.

 Snorklean is Reusable, made from FDA-approved silicone, is 100% recyclable, and comes in different colors to help easily identify the divers equipment , Snorklean can be customized with company logo and/or color preference. While travel may be limited right now, there is opportunity to plan and/or promote your future trips. Snorklean has you covered, so Have Fun and Dive Safe.


    SNORKLEAN is a protective sleeve that installs over the existing mouthpieces on snorkeling and scuba diving equipment. Divers can enjoy added comfort and safety, while Businesses can increase revenue and provide added value to their divers experience....

  • SNORKLEAN is the first ever protective sleeve that installs over the existing mouthpieces on snorkeling and scuba diving equipment. We love snorkeling and scuba diving, but maybe not as much when using rental diving gear mouthpieces.

    Divers can enjoy their favorite water adventure with added comfort and increased safety. Business operators can increase revenue and provide an added value benefit to their guest divers experience. Snorklean is reusable,100% recyclable, and can be customized.

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Snorklean Protective Sleeves

Booth: 1532