DEMA Show 2022

| November 1- 4 2022 | Orlando, FL

Let's Get Back to Business

DEMA Show brings great value to the industry by providing an unmatched opportunity for participants to network with other industry professionals, as well as to see many industry offerings all in one place, in a cost-effective way. With the established safety protocols, DEMA Show will once again provide this opportunity for the industry and will stage as scheduled.

Please read our recent letter addressing the DEMA Community.


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MILANO,  Italy
  • Booth: 1527

Come and visit us. We will show you lastest DE-OX products!


Since 1995 TEMC® designs and manufactures in Italy the DE-OX® digital measurement instruments. TEMC® is involved in both commercial and recreational diving, industrial, medical and military fields. TEMC is the Italian leader for production, planning and diving with mix gas like NITROX, TRIMIX and HELIOX.
DE-OX® istruments are mainly designed for hyperbaric environment, human life support systems, such as hyperbaric chambers, rebreathers, submarines and wherever it is mandatory to check the atmosphere monitoring for personal safety.
TEMC® is specialized in the analysis of oxygen, helium, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, humidity, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide pressure and many other gases. TEMC® is also able to provide consulting in his field, helping customers in finding the right solution for their safety needs.
DE-OX® meaurement instruments are the necessary technical device for professionals, recreational divers, military corps, industries in order to get the best safety and best quality analyzers.

Booth: 1527