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Rescue X Training

Denver,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 1333

Be Rescue Ready


When it comes to extricating an unresponsive person from the water, rescuers are often unprepared—leading to chaos, mistakes, lost time…and possibly loss of life.

Why? Emergencies require more than a recreational dive certification and a spine board. It takes adequate training, emergency planning, the right equipment, and a team approach to care from extrication to EMS arrival.

That’s why RescueX is on a mission to improve rescue and empower effective care. Through a more effective rescue method, standardized training/software for Emergency Response Planning (ERP), and our Rapid Extrication Board™ specially designed for water rescue, we give organizations the tools to handle emergencies successfully.

Emergencies will happen; how you respond determines whether it’s a success or a catastrophe. Just one situation gone wrong causes loss of life, money, and reputation. Be prepared with RescueX.

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  Additional Info

Brand Name 1
Extricate Ready™ -- An online training for rescuing an unresponsive diver from the water where traditional emergency services are not immediately available. Training includes your choice of Rapid Extrication Board™ (standard or our briefcase-size compact style), which have straps, wide handles, base wheels and vent holes—specially designed for the quickest extrication possible.
Brand Name 2
Rescue Ready -- A course and tools to handle emergencies from extrication to point of care, including Rapid Extrication™, CPR, AED and O2 certification.
Brand Name 3
Xverse Team – An Emergency Response Planning software platform to centralize and customized Emergency Response Plans, deliver training courses, track staff training/certifications, and manage dive staff logistics.

Booth: 1333