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Klagenfurt,  Österreich 
  • Booth: 1526

Welcome to SCUBAJET - a whole new class of watercraft.



Born in the waterways of Austria’s picturesque Lake Wörthersee .

Driven by his passion for the water and his spirit for discovery, Armin Kundigraber founded SCUBAJET in 2016. 

Inspired by a prototype he developed with his father, Armin set forth to forever change the way people move in the water.

Evolving from dive scooter to the most innovative and versatile water jet system on the market.

SCUBAJET continues to expand from its scuba diving origin into other water playgrounds including swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking – and soon into surfing and beyond.

Advancing with mindfulness and responsibility.

SCUBAJET is dedicated to staying close to its customers and progressing from their feedback, designing in harmony with our environment, and hand-assembling locally to provide job opportunities in the community to produce the superior product we see today.

Quality, simplicity, and the ongoing quest for progress set SCUBAJET in a class by itself.

Booth: 1526