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National Tool Leasing, LLC

Eastlake,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 1329


See the world class Joint Zone line of equipment! 

  • Innovative Underwater Lift Bags
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Tools and Power Units


Choose from the most powerful rental tools available, online,  and have them delivered all over the globe. Our stock of tools is capable of meeting the needs of…

Municipal Governments
Emergency Services
Civil Engineering Projects
Marine Construction
Commercial Salvage Operations
Disaster Relief Efforts


  • Joint Zone Marine Salvage Pillow
    Standard sizes include:

    MSP-200 (247 lbs lift)
    MSP-600 (605 lbs lift)
    MSP-1200 (1210 lbs lift)
    MSP-2400 (2420 lbs lift)
    MSP-4800 (4840 lbs lift)
    MSP-7200 (7260 lbs lift)...

  • Standards:

    • All Joint Zone flotation bags are developed in accordance with IMCA D-016 standards.


    • Due to the polyester fabric and its EVA/PVC copolymer coating, the material is very flexible and very easy to repair (with glue or a hairdryer with hot air)
    • Joint Zone enclosed flotation bags are made of a very strong coated polyester fabric with a tensile strength of no less than 8,000 N/5 cm
    • Joint Zone enclosed flotation have done away with the webbing that wraps around the bag. Instead, we have high frequency welded the load bearing patches onto the bag. This allows for easier repairs for the end user. CLICK HERE to see load bearing patch repair video. The tear strength of a single load bearing patch is over 1500 lbs. A properly repaired load bearing patch will hold up to 80% of an original patch (over 1200 pounds) CLICK HERE to see tear test video
    • Due to the high-strength polyester fabric type IV, the material with which the enclosed flotation bags are made has a puncture resistance of no less than 2,150 N (in contrast to many competing products that only reach 1,750 N) CLICK HERE to see puncture test video
    • Joint Zone enclosed flotation bags have no sharp corners (they are rounded off and smooth), which makes these enclosed flotation bags more robust and less likely to be damaged
    • Joint Zone enclosed flotation bags are lightweight! Up to 50% lighter than the competition's enclosed flotation bags, while the lift capacity is at least 10% higher
    • The enclosed flotation bags require little maintenance and are very easy to clean

    Top-quality material:

    • EVA/PVC copolymer coated polyester fabric - high-strength and heavy-duty
    • Fabric's tensile strength: 8,000 N/5 cm
    • Puncture resistance: 2,150 N (in contrast to competitor's products, which often do not reach more than 1,750 N)
    • Resistant to many chemicals
    • High UV-resistance
    • Very easy to repair (with glue or a hairdryer with hot air), unlike materials coated with PU or TPU
    • Highly flexible and lightweight material
    • Equipped with a ¾" stainless steel ball valve
    • Equipped with pressure relief valves

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Joint Zone
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Booth: 1329