DEMA Show 2022

| November 1- 4 2022 | Orlando, FL

Let's Get Back to Business

DEMA Show brings great value to the industry by providing an unmatched opportunity for participants to network with other industry professionals, as well as to see many industry offerings all in one place, in a cost-effective way. With the established safety protocols, DEMA Show will once again provide this opportunity for the industry and will stage as scheduled.

Please read our recent letter addressing the DEMA Community.


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Digital Recognition in Marketing Education

You are a diving professional and have many achievements: obtaining a diving leadership or instructor credential, joining a professional training organization or business association, workplace recognition for a job well done. Where are those achievements currently displayed? In your home? On your desk?

There’s a better way to surface and share those achievements with the wider diving industry and even potential employers: digital credentials. Digital recognition badges are a graphical representation of a person’s abilities and competencies, combined with a verifiable description of the knowledge and activities required to earn them. Digital badges are the quickest, most secure way to verify knowledge, skills, and abilities.

For the first time DEMA is offering professional development sessions leading to a Digital Recognition Badge in Marketing Education, when you attend and complete at least five designated Marketing Education sessions during DEMA Show 2021! These Marketing Sessions are part of the DEMA-Sponsored Education Program. 

By attending the in-person DEMA Show 2021 and the eligible Marketing Education sessions, you’ll gain knowledge about marketing from experts in their field. Participants earn a digital badge that can be used to verify the sessions attended and completed – whether you use your badge to verify professional development participation for current or future employers or to help demonstrate your value as a volunteer or business owner.

View Full List of Badge Sessions that qualify for the digital DEMA 2021 Marketing Education badge! See you at DEMA Show 2021!