Bixpy LLC

San Diego,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 2311

Bixpy Jet: Powerful. Portable. The Modular Water Jet!

Bixpy’s mini water propulsion system boosts everything

San Diego based startup, Bixpy LLC, has created the world’s first handheld, modular and portable water-jet propulsion system capable of propelling standup paddle boards, kayaks, canoes and even divers and snorkelers. Water sports enthusiasts can now enjoy their adventures further, faster and with more confidence and security by using the world’s first and only portable handheld water-jet propulsion system, the Bixpy Jet™. Weighing about 2lb (1kg), the Bixpy Jet™ generates enough thrust to drive a full-size kayak or SUP and its occupants up to 7 MPH (11km/h), with a range of 10 to 15 miles (15 to 25 km) on one battery charge.   

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 Show Specials

  • (Jul 24, 2018)

    The Bixpy Sales Team is offering 1 free product for every 10 products ordered during the show (for a max value of 10% discount off total invoice value). The offer is valid only for orders placed during the show and will not be extended for future orders.


  • Bixpy Swim Jet
    The Bixpy Swim Jet is the ultimate diver propulsion vehicle....

  • By connecting your Bixpy Jet to a Handheld Battery Pack, you hold the ultimate diver propulsion jet: the Bixpy Swim Jet. The Bixpy Swim Jet is unlike anything on the market.

    The Bixpy Swim Jet has three speeds - one for testing and blowing derby underwater (for explorers) and two speeds for a boosted swim. Everything is controlled using the magnetic trigger on the handle. One click and hold turns the system on, a second "click" on the trigger will start the motor at speed 1 a third click will take you to your first swim speed and one more click takes the Jet to its full speed. Once you let the trigger go, the system stops immediately.