BigAnimals Expeditions

Pacific Grove,  CA 
United States
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Extreme & safe wildlife adventures, HighArctic 2 Antarctica

BigAnimals expeditions is 35 years old company specializes in research and leading small teams of Photographers & Divers (2 - 8 guests) on adventure to see Leopard seal in Antarctica, Polar bear in the High Arctic. Blue and Humpback whales in the Pacific. Great White shark and Striped Marlin off Baja. Sperm Whale and Oceanic White tip shark in Caribbean. Anaconda and Nile Croc, in the Pantanal and Okavango Delta. Snow Leopard in India, Siberian Tiger in Russia and Jaguar in the Amazon. Orca, Beluga and Narwhale in the High Arctic.

BigAnimals mission is in education, conservation, inspiration and photography of the threatened and endangered species on our list. We lead by example and have an extraordinary team of expedition leaders, Amanda Cotton, Nick Lebeouf, Lesley Rochet, Ofer Keter, Ron Watkins and Amos Nachoum the team leader and director of operation.

BigAnimals expedition date of operation only during prime time of wildlife behavior that allow us people to interact with them peacefully and safe. Our expedition team is limited to be between 2 - 8 guests depending on the animal and the destination in respect to the wildlife welfare and environmental impact.