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Welcome to Maverick America

Our company is the exclusive US distributor of some of the best brands in the spearfishing market.  You will be able to browse through all of the products each brand has to offer, as well as purchase them directly from our website. All products offered have been hand selected by Maverick America after careful testing and review.  We hope you have a great experience and do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions for improvements. See our complete line and online catalog at until we see you at DEMA!


    C4 Carbon introduces the most advanced and efficient competition free-diving fin in the world...

  • Once Upon A Time:

    In the past, to dive at very high depths, fin blades, longerons and foot soles had to be extremely stiff.  This is diving, not skiing and not even climbing, where strength is key.  Stiff foot soles and footpockets are not necessary any longer as they even limit divers’ performance. C4's goal has always been to create products which allow for a fluid and constant movement in water. As a matter of fact, footpockets must help divers to freely move their feet. This is why C4 300 foot pockets’ calibrated stiffness, in combination with modern soft and angled blades, offer an amazing swimming experience. This is what modern divers require, nothing more than that: a really efficient performance.

    Big Square HYPERTECH

    Lighter and stronger, more responsive and safer. These composite blades are made with carbon fabric HYERTECH – Big Square. The use of the innovative method of production, Spread Tow instead of yarn, optimizes the structure. Less intersection between the fibers and less ondulations greatly reduce the absorption of energy. This means the blades' have the greatest reactive elasticity, what else?