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  • Speargun Laser Sight
    Designed for blue water and reef fishing the red or green laser light pin points the precise point of impact which means less blood loss on head shots, more accurate deflection shots and more one shots kills....

  • The GRT58DC and RT58DC Speargun laser systems are designed specifically for salt water speargun fishing.  The system includes a remote trigger with momentary and full on switching, a lithium 3V battery and water proof connector to power the laser module.  The laser module can include either a red or green laser diode.  Red laser light is more suited to reef fishing and green laser light is prefered for pellagic fishing. But both systems emit a 5 miliwatt laser beam that reflects off of the scales of the fish and both colors are easily seen in open water.

    Here's how it works:  The Laser Module is mounted onto the back of the speargun so that the beam is parallel with the shaft and shooting slightly over the bands.  The laser is turned on just before the trigger is pulled so that the impact point can be precise and schooling fish are not disturbed.  Deflection shots can be taken by placing the laser dot onto a fish at any angle.  Its fast and accurate.

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